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This site, which was once updated every weekday (oops), is the complete resource of all of the ST related material online. We encourage you to browse about, read the stories, visit us in the 4um, download our games and lose yourself in the many hours of entertainment. Join the many who are one with the STrange.

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ST-related STuff

The Strange Society Homepage
   All of the STORIES, including the epic Bane World Saga, linked in HTML format. More to be added eventually, including multimedia links within the text of the stories.

Annoying's Nightmare
   Created by D.Psycho. Proceed with caution...

ST Download Page
   Get STUFF! Games, MIDI, the stories, and whatever else I develop.

The ST Professional photo
   So who are we? Take a look, and then click here for an explanation of the various elements within.

   Got questions? Maybe the answer will be found here.

Dude's Translation Guide
   Has Dude's dialect thrown you off? Figure out what he really means.

The Strange Society Complete Waste of Time
   It's exactly what it sounds like. Yes, the name was inspired by the Python game.

Psycho's ST Log
   A sort of diary as told by Psycho in the form of the stories. I suppose I should put it on the story page...

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   We love to win stuff from our neighbors.

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