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     1-Drum Boy, in full Marching Band regalia.

     2-Dude, the wandering technician

     3-the Guardian of Operation Destruction

     4-Sicko, who swears he was not holding his crotch during this photo.

       Note the condom in his pocket.

     5-Annoying, holding an array of protractors

     6-Dangerously Psycho, brandishing his axe


     8-What DeHelizat

     9-Anonymous the Paranoic.  Note digital alien pet hanging from pocket.

     A-Jester, holding Frizbee from Society9.

     B-Drum Boy's hat and snare.

     C-Psycho's personal tome of the stories, open to Society4.

       Note photos on left page and Great America Keychain hanging from clasp.

     D-Sailor Moon, from Society5.

     E-Lake shark, from Society7.

     F-Scalpel, from Society4.

     G-GOD's Bears hat, rarely without it.

     H-MEOW!  Although it can't be seen, this cat is sitting on an authentic

       Madhu's Pizza box, from Society10.

     I-"Phoenix Egg" from Strtbl2.

     J-Great America photo of Psycho, from Strtbl3.

     K-Inna Gadda Da Vida album, from Society8.

     L-Jester's true Jester hat.

     M-Trio of custom ST hats belonging to What, DP, Anonymous.

     N-The official ST clock from Strange Days I.  Note the time is 6-to-9.

     O-Processed sugar, reminiscient of Hyper's death in Society3.

     P-The old Psycho hat.

     Q-Niles West Band hat.

     R-Custom "Dangerously Psycho" hat.

     S-Cat-in-the-hat hat, What looks good in it.

     T-Sicko's Scouting cap.