Strange Society Multimedia

Here they are! Many of the ST related applications I've produced may now be downloaded from this very place. Enjoy!

ST Win95 files

(65.2K) A self-extracting file of ST cursors, icons and wallpaper by D.Psycho.

MIDI! Everyone loves MIDI!

(4.9K) Castle Psycho, theme and fanfare for the fortress from the Bane World Saga. Composed and MIDImapped by D.Psycho.
(6.8K) Niles West Victory, our school fight song. MIDImapped by D.Psycho.
(6.2K) Niles West "Oh Well", an alternative to our school fight song (since our football team rarely wins). Composed and MIDImapped by D.Psycho.
(3.2K) Annoying, meant to be listened to on repeat. Developed by D.Psycho.
(8.5K) Psycho's Masterpiece, a composition based on a twelve-bar solo which drove Mr. Koch insane. Composed and MIDImapped by D.Psycho.
(5.9K) Temple of Strangeness, based on the structure from the stories. Developed for the Doom][ PWAD by D.Psycho.
(15.2K) Nobody's Song, a theme for the ST's nonexistent friend, developed by D.Psycho.


(12.8K) Temple of Strangeness, A Doom][-based "walkthrough" by D.Psycho. This isn't a playable level, but it is meant to give the user the opportunity to see how I envision the Temple.
(32.0K) ST Free, A modification of the Windows game "Ski Free" taking place on DeHelizat slopes.
(129.8K) ST Chess, A modification of a Windows chess game featuring the ST versus Parin's clones.
(3.0K) St talk files for Scorched Earth, one of the best shareware games ever.
(72.5K) ST Cookie, A modification of the game Yoshi's Cookie for the NES. To be used with Nesticle.
(17.7K) ST Galaga, A modification of the game Galaga for the NES. Also to be used with Nesticle.


(12.8K) Rotating ST (GIF), Our Strange Society symbol making a 360.
(12.8K) ST Under Construction (GIF), A personalized construction animation with a sadistic twist. This animation was used during the dawn of Strangesite.
(12.8K) music => BAND (AVI), One of our most senseless pranks was to replace the word "music" over the BAND wing to its rightful name. This fade-in shows the product of our work.
(12.8K) music => BAND 2 (AVI), The same thing, but with a cooler burst effect. I like this one much better.
(12.8K) Rotating ST (AVI), Same as the animated gif, but in AVI format.

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