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From: Dangerously Psycho (DPsycho@dangerous-minds.com)
Date: Mon Apr 20 15:34:06 1998

The gueSTbook has been purged!

You can view all 200-something of the old entries in an HTML file I made. Now to start anew!

From: Anonymous The Paranoiac, Skye Knight Valentine, ChoirBoy, Peachy Lol, Pay Llewol (skyeknightv@yahoo.com)
Date: Mon Apr 20 15:37:24 1998

Woo Hoo

ummm...so wha am I supposed to put??

I know!

From: D.P. (DPsycho@dangerous-minds.com)
Date: Mon Apr 20 15:38:37 1998


From: spank t. monkae (bubbawest@hotmail.com)
Date: Tue Apr 21 15:05:11 1998

Read my Chucky song. Now. Now. I mean it. I'm not kidding. No, really. I own a Smith & Wesson.

It's in the suggestion box at "http://welcome.to/thementalward." And it's good. It's very good. And . . . stuff.

OK. Bye. I'm going now. I'll see you all later. Well, maybe not all of you. But some of you.

Unless you get on my nerves, in which case I'd rather not see you again. So watch out.

I mean it.

Especially on Tuesdays in October. And on National "Penis Game" day. Which happens to coincide with the Pope's birthday.

Except on leap years. And times of war. Or due to acts of God. Or whenever Clinton is not commiting adultery.

Well, maybe I should clarify that. I mean when he's NOT ENGAGING IN SEXUAL RELATIONS WITH MS. LEWINSKI, PAULA JONES, MS. AMERICA, OR HILLARY. We all know he doesn't ever do that last one.

OK. Bye.

From: Dangerously Psycho (DPsycho@dangerous-minds.com)
Date: Tue Apr 21 15:30:25 1998


From: spank t. monkae (bubbawest@hotmail.com)
Date: Tue Apr 21 19:57:43 1998


From: The Confused One? (WhatDeHelizat@notme.com)
Date: Thu Apr 23 09:31:40 1998

Hey Pay Llewol!!!

Now, LOL. Why do you want people to shout out cock? Does this mean that you are gay? Oh nevermind, we all know the theory so forget the last two questions that I asked. Oh yeah, which percent of you consists of LOL? I just need to know when the t-axis would end. That's all.

What DeHelizat (23.4.1998 at 8:31)

1. NOTE: I am not serious about anything here. I'm just confused, OK.
2. Thank you for your inoperation.

From: Horny Chic (Wetzone@wetwetwet.com)
Date: Thu Apr 23 09:34:43 1998

LOL's Fan Mail

Hey LOL. You interest me so much that I would like to do a "research" project on you. So how about it?

From: Skye K Valentine (skyeknightv@yahoo.com)
Date: Thu Apr 23 12:36:44 1998

As the representative of Lol...I would like to ask
Who are you Horny Chic???

From: Aries (arieschic@hotmail.com)
Date: Thu Apr 23 16:01:49 1998

I can honestly say zat was NOT me.

From: Dangerously Psycho (DPsycho@dangerous-minds.com)
Date: Fri Apr 24 08:45:13 1998


You do have to admit it's rather intriguing. Have you Emailed her yet, Skye?

From: Dark_Skye (skyeknightv@yahoo.com)
Date: Fri Apr 24 11:49:07 1998


No not actually Psycho.
I'm not sure if that email is even real.
I don't know her from any of my lists on the net.
and I'm wondering who this person is...
it occured in the morning...
so...I don't know yet...I will email the person but I think I'm right.

From: Dark_Skye (skyeknightv@yahoo.com)
Date: Fri Apr 24 11:55:12 1998

Horny Chic

Ok...My curiosity got me...ok Horny Chic...sure...
I'll take you on your offer.

since I'm curious to who you are.

From: Dangerously Psycho (DPsycho@dangerous-minds.com)
Date: Mon Apr 27 09:29:59 1998

Horny Chic

...and if it's a guy???

From: What DeHelizat (ValkF83@aol.com)
Date: Mon Apr 27 09:31:33 1998

LOL's Gay

.... Dear LOL.

Quit dating ONLINE!!!

Signed, LOL Senior.... oh nevermind.

From: Sicko, placer of porn (basicko@bh.nwsc.org(y))
Date: Mon Apr 27 09:33:35 1998

haha LOL

Oh, nasty!!!!!
Oh, nasty!!!!!
Oh, nasty!!!!!

ps - if she does do research, can I watch??
Oh, nasty!!!!!
-Sicko :)'

From: Dark_Skye (skyeknightv@yahoo.com)
Date: Mon Apr 27 11:04:13 1998

well if it is a guy...oh..damn...
shut up what...
and yes sicko if there is research YOU CAN watch.

From: spank t. monkae
Date: Mon Apr 27 14:55:27 1998

In response to what was said this morning:

1) I am not this weird Horny Chic who wants Lowell.
2) Yes, I will kick your ass, Sicko. But only if you aggravate my spastic colon.
3) I have appropriately named my spastic colon "Mr. Spastic Colon Man," due
to my lack of ingenuity at the time.
4) I'VE, in fact, LURNED TO REED! Thanks to Mr. Zeller.
5) This is fuzzzzzy.

From: Lemur of Lords (lordoflemurs@yahoo.com)
Date: Tue Apr 28 16:03:36 1998

Stuff...No, wait...AAAARRRGGGHH!!!!

Ackpth!!!!! Oh...Excuse me.

Good GOD, Chuck's pee-pee is tiny!

From: Eric Berkemeyer (devils_advokate@hotmail.com)
Date: Thu Apr 30 00:20:53 1998

your visit to my site

Hey thanks for your visit. My animated gif was an attempt at Python like animation. Your site's pretty cool. Did you take a look at the Winamp skins?

From: Dangerously Psycho (DPsycho@dangerous-minds.com)
Date: Thu Apr 30 10:02:21 1998

The previous entry

Before everyone starts asking who he is, I'll explain. I starting visiting our webring neighbors to get a grasp on who would be linking to Strangesite. Feel free to browse the rings. There're some odd things to be found out there...

From: tazileHeD tahW (WhatDeHelizat@notme.com)
Date: Thu Apr 30 17:22:42 1998

Don't worry folks.....

.... nothing out there would be as unusual as LOL.

Isn't that right, Pay Llewol?

From: Dark Skye (skyeknightv@yahoo.com)
Date: Thu Apr 30 22:56:35 1998

... tazileHeD tahW

I really don't know anymore What.

From: Praxis (j_cclark@bellsouth.net)
Date: Fri May 1 02:52:19 1998

Returning the Favor

Hey I noticed you signed my guestbook. I decided to check out your page and I wasn't disappointed, I really love your stories..keep it up..


From: What
Date: Tue May 5 09:29:32 1998

Lowell, know what?

What are you talking about?

Oh, the slight possibility that it could be a male. Am I right? So you are then GAY (in a happy sort of way)!!! HA HA HA.

From: Dangerously Psycho (DPsycho@dangerous-minds.com)
Date: Tue May 5 09:44:59 1998

Yeah, wuddever happened with 'dat, Skye? Ever find out who put the message here for you?

From: Dark_Skye (Skyeknightv@yahoo.com)
Date: Tue May 5 12:03:38 1998

Horny Chic

Actually No...I haven't received any messages from
this "horny chic" or anything about this person.

Actually I forgot all about this "horny chic" until
What Mentioned about this person again.

From: What DH
Date: Wed May 6 09:28:46 1998


Since when did I ever mention that person again? The last thing that I mentioned... I recall... is my preaching of the THEORY.

So, when are you going back?

From: Dangerously Pycho (DPsycho@dangerous-minds.com)
Date: Wed May 6 09:42:59 1998


For those who wish to understand the theory of LOL's origin, please visit members.tripod.com/~DPsycho/theory.htm

From: Dark_Skye (skyeknightv@yahoo.com)
Date: Wed May 6 18:52:27 1998


Oh shut up about the theory already...I'm just getting sick of it....

From: Dangerously Psycho (DPsycho@dangerous-minds.com)
Date: Mon May 11 10:55:34 1998


...are fun!

From: What DeHelizat (WhatDeHelizat@notme.com)
Date: Tue May 12 09:31:13 1998


I would like everyone to know that I managed to confused Psycho dad via telephone two days ago.

I am not bragging.... I'm just thrilled about it. Who knows, something like this could have many applications.

Hey LOL...... when you go back in time, please introduce

From: aries (arieschic@hotmail.com)
Date: Tue May 12 15:35:32 1998

Get over the theory crap guys it not even funny.

From: Dark_Skye (skyeknightv@yahoo.com)
Date: Tue May 12 15:35:34 1998


Haha What DeHelizat
Don't You know You can't do zat here.

From: Dangerously Psycho (DPsycho@dangerous-minds.com)
Date: Wed May 13 08:36:06 1998


He isn't really mad about it, Aries. That was Dark Skye, representing the bad mood he was in that week. Still, I would like if we moved to another topic.

Let me restate that the gueSTbook disallows the use of HTML tags. This way we don't get bogged down by graphics and disturbing text manipulation. If you want a mesage to be in bold, make your "Topic" field represent the entire message. (Put a space in the "Text" field for the message to register.)

I never wanted to be a barber anyway. I always wanted to be... a lumberjack...

From: Royal Canadian Mounty Chorus
Date: Wed May 13 08:37:16 1998


From: Dark_Skye (Anonymous@crazedanddazed.com)
Date: Wed May 13 14:59:13 1998


Actually I am mad...But also yes I am using the Dark_skye to express the anger...
Just confirming it to all of ya

From: aries (arieschic@hotmail.com)
Date: Thu May 14 17:06:08 1998

OWW !!~

... im sunburned... i look like half lobster half human lol

From: Dangerously Psycho (DPsycho@dangerous-minds.com)
Date: Fri May 15 08:39:49 1998

The counter...

...has been going haywire lately. Yesterday I logged on and it shrunk from 1690 to 1200. I fixed it. Then, this morning, it read 2500. I don't know what's going on, but I'm going to try to keep it at values which are reasonably close to where they should be.

From: Anonymous the Paranoiac (Anonymous@crazedanddazed.com)
Date: Fri May 15 12:15:44 1998


I thought 800 people DID visit the ST site yesterday..
zat would have been kick @$$...

oh well..i think i'll go sleep...

From: KrymsonLdy (KrymsonLdy@aol.com)
Date: Mon May 18 00:12:40 1998


I didn't realize that prom was last night (Sat. the 16th)! I hope that all of u that went had a wonderful time!!!

From: Dangerously Psycho (DPsycho@dangerous-minds.com)
Date: Mon May 18 12:38:50 1998


It was wonderful, my dear. Simply marvelous.

( Read it in an arrogant New York rich person tone. )

From: Skye_V (skyeknightv@yahoo.com)
Date: Mon May 18 15:34:42 1998

I don't get it...

Arrogant is from New York?

From: Aries (arieschic@hotmail.com)
Date: Mon May 18 17:28:51 1998

May as well be all the rest of the scary , and arrogant people are from New York ...

From: Skye_V/Dark_Skye (skyeknightv@yahoo.com)
Date: Mon May 18 22:48:50 1998


So Arrogant IS From New York?
...Thought he was a clone.....

From: Arrogant
Date: Tue May 19 09:28:46 1998

Arrogant <> arrogant

I AM a clone. I wasn't born anywhere.
The word "arrogant" isn't my name, you pathetic ignoramous. It would have been capitalized otherwise.

From: Dangerously Psycho (DPsycho@dangerous-minds.com)
Date: Tue May 19 09:30:39 1998

Stop it!

Arrogant, stop harrassing the people in the gueSTbook and get back to guarding the Temple of Strangeness.

From: Arrogant
Date: Tue May 19 09:30:58 1998


Um... sorry.

From: What DeHelizat (ValkF83@aol.com)
Date: Tue May 19 09:32:49 1998

Yeah, harrassment is MY job.

Besides, it's fun to do so.


By the way, if anyone says "Blow job", your mind is mine.

From: Skye Valentine/Anonymous The Paranoiac/Dark_Skye (skyeknightv@yahoo.com)
Date: Tue May 19 11:54:45 1998

oh nasty...

Zats just nasty What....Oh Nasty...
Why WOULD you think of BlowJob What?
Hoping You Would Get one from someone?

From: aries (arieschic@hotmail.com)
Date: Tue May 19 15:31:37 1998


is What a little bit desperate ? ...

From: KrymsonLdy (KrymsonLdy@aol.com)
Date: Tue May 19 19:02:07 1998

Blow Job?

What, are u sure that u mean that their mind is yours? Wouldn't their "head" be better? And more appropriate?

From: Krymson (KrymsonLdy@aol.com)
Date: Tue May 19 19:04:12 1998

I forgot............... Prom!

I'm glad that u guys had fun!! Psycho, you'll have to tell me all about it!! (Leave out the part about you and Vic in Jester's basement)
; ^ P

From: Dark Skye/Anonymous The Paranoiac (Skyeknightv@yahoo.com)
Date: Tue May 19 22:17:31 1998

Haha What DeHelizat!

From: Dangerously Psycho (DPsycho@dangerous-minds.com)
Date: Wed May 20 08:09:53 1998


I say it again:


All this talk about LOL's dog. Sheesh. What was right about everyone having dirty minds. He should know, all the minds he captures through confusion.

Anyone ever notice that if you run the thesaurus in MSWorks on the word confusion, it gets messed up and offers incoherent synonyms? How about running spell check over "zzzz?" In this case, it suggests the correct spelling of "sex." Oh well. (SONG CUE!)

From: What DeHelizat (WhatDeHelizat@notme.com)
Date: Wed May 20 09:29:58 1998

Psycho in Jester's basement?

I'm sorry...... I gave Psycho a certificate that he was never even there for his birthday. Therefore, any claim of him in there is nullified. HA HA HA HA!!!

From: WDH (ValkF83@aol.com)
Date: Wed May 20 09:32:16 1998

LOL's dog

Who knows about the type of things LOL does to his dog?
..... ever heard about "beastiality"?

From: The Bane of Confusion (???????@???.???)
Date: Wed May 20 09:36:35 1998

Messed up "confusion"?

So confusion is that messed up. And yes I do mean that. Can anyone try use the thesaurus on "Puzzled", "Baffeled", and "Hungry", and tell me what the results are. I'd do it myself but I can't remember what I am typing right now.

So, who wants be be confused via Postal Service..... sure, I'd do it by phone, but Psycho dad already experienced it. So there.

Hey, am I making any sense right now?

From: Pin the Cat (Fur@meow.com)
Date: Wed May 20 09:39:43 1998

Hungry, he is.

Oh yeah, does anyone have a cat available? What's hungry.

Besides, he lost the Pin the Cat comics that he made earlier....... oh wait, he found them.

From: Dangerously Psycho (DPsycho@dangerous-minds.com)
Date: Wed May 20 09:42:50 1998


Are you getting enough sleep?

Oh, and "baffeled" wouldn't show up anything b/c it's misspelled.

From: Anonymous The Paranoiac (Anonymous The Paranoiac)
Date: Wed May 20 11:57:12 1998

I think What needs to sleep. ^_^

From: Dark_Skye/Anonymous The Paranoiac (skyeknightv@yahoo.com)
Date: Wed May 20 12:39:13 1998


What, if you would PLEASE remember that LOL has lost his dog.
So I don't think he can do anything with his dog at all.
And What.. why Are You thinking about Bestiality?? Oh Nasty!!

From: Dangerously Psycho (DPsycho@dangerous-minds.com)
Date: Wed May 20 14:16:19 1998

So then, LOL is looking for Sex?

From: Anonymous The Paranoiac/Peachy LOL (Anonymous@crazedanddazed.com)
Date: Wed May 20 15:39:58 1998

Yes I am Looking For Sex!

From: Aries (arieschic@hotmail.com)
Date: Wed May 20 17:57:51 1998


ROTFLMAO !!!!!! hun, keep lookin. you'll fine sex sometime.

From: aries (arieschic@hotmail.com)
Date: Wed May 20 17:58:28 1998

oops find : )

From: epsycho (epsycho@yahoo.com)
Date: Wed May 20 20:22:08 1998

nice site

Hi Psycho. I visited this site on 5-20-98. I'm planning on putting a link to your site from mine. Is that ok?

From: SpryteImp (SpryteImp@aol.com)
Date: Wed May 20 21:24:45 1998

LOL, Fprget it

The day u get sex is the day What stops confusing everyone and Psycho decapitating every person he comes near to...Then again, Sicko might be able to solve 'that' problem!

From: Anonymous The PAranoiac (Anonymous@crazedanddazed.com)
Date: Thu May 21 08:12:59 1998



From: Dangerously Psycho (DPsycho@dangerous-minds.com)
Date: Thu May 21 09:31:45 1998


Ha, ha, Shaun! Mr. Valentine yelled at you!

Oh, and EPsycho, of course 'that' is ok with us. Haven't I taught you anything?

From: WhatDeHelizat@notme.com ((see above))
Date: Thu May 21 09:40:06 1998


1. Where do Imp's come from?
2. Who are they?
3. Which type of activities do they participate in? (a more sophistocated way of saying "What do they do?")
4. Do they have LOL's dog?
5. Why did I forget about LOL's dog?
6. How come I am asking so many questions?
7. Why does everyone think that I need sleep?
8. Who looks for Imps anyway?
9. Why did the bell ring?
10. Who the heck is coming up with these questions?

Answer in complete sentences. Your grade WILL be affected!!! Right, LOL?

From: Anonymous The PAranoiac (Anonymous@crazedanddazed.com)
Date: Thu May 21 15:40:17 1998


1)From Across the Street
8) YOU DO!

What GRADE?!?

From: SpryteImp (SpryteImp@aol.com)
Date: Thu May 21 16:40:11 1998


sorry about that (NOT IN THAT WAY!) LOL, i was looking around and saw what u said and i couldnt resist saying something...Something tells me i better watch my back during tomorrow's choir banquet.

From: Krymson (KrymsonLdy@aol.com)
Date: Thu May 21 17:01:02 1998


First of all What, u should pick on someone your own size, like Psycho! Not little Imp's!
Second LOL, Imp will get "that" after you do so that pretty much means that he will never get "that"!! So don't worry about it!!!
= )

From: Krymson (KrymsonLdy@aol.com)
Date: Thu May 21 17:03:18 1998


You know, I think I like the sound of "Ha Ha Shaun"!!!! It might be the next best thing to "Ha Ha Rob"!!!!

From: Skye Knight Valentine (skyeknightv@yahoo.com)
Date: Thu May 21 18:17:01 1998

KrymsonLady! : )

Hello Lady of Krymson. How Are You? : )

From: Kry (KrymsonLdy@aol.com)
Date: Fri May 22 00:28:53 1998

Re to LOL

Pretty good LOL. How about u?
Anything new?

From: Dangerously Psycho (DPsycho@dangerous-minds.com)
Date: Fri May 22 08:42:36 1998


The red tape has been cut. Enjoy my masterpiece!

From: Pin the Cat (Meow@cat.a.pult.com)
Date: Fri May 22 09:29:47 1998

Meow Meow Me-Me-Meow

Meow Me-Meow Meow Meooooow Meeeeeeow Meow Meow Me-Me-Meow Meow Meow Meow Me-Me-Meow Me-Meow Meow Meow Meow Meow Meow Me-Meow Meow Meow Meow Me-Meow Me Me-Me-ow Meee-------- ouch!!!

From: What DeHelizat (ValkF83@aol.com)
Date: Fri May 22 09:32:55 1998

LOL's Grade.

Congratuations, LOL, you get an "A".

Oh, wait, not complete sentences. You lose 10 points out of ten. Ha Ha LOL!!! Good responses though.
OK, OK, What will get some sleep... um... I mean a 10 millenia coma!!! Just get me a hammer!!

From: WDH ((enought already!))
Date: Fri May 22 10:25:31 1998

Who just cut Pin's tail?

Poor Pin, he's crying because someone cut his red tail. Sure, he's had his head cut off and had been blasted into pieces. However, cutting off his tail is just too far, and I am not going to take anymore of it. Oh wait.... his tail is not red. So what was he talking about?

From: What DeHelzat ((refer to previous message))
Date: Fri May 22 10:34:04 1998

Next ten questions.

1. ?
2. ?
3. ?
4. ?
5. ?
6. ?
7. ?
8. ?
9. ?
10. ?

OK. I'm testing your abilities to read your mind. Yes, I mean yours, not mine; and especially you LOL.

From: Peachy Lol (Anonymous@crazedanddazed.com)
Date: Fri May 22 12:13:03 1998


1)No What I will not do anything with little children during the summer.
2)No What I do not type with one hand when I'm using the computer.
3)No What...Not hentai
4)No What I am not gay
5)No What The theory isn't true.
6)No What I didn't create the Joystick.
7)No What Communism doesn't rule over Democracy.
8)No What I don't have Ultimate Civilization Yet.
9)Yes What I can kick your @$$ in Civilization.
10)and No What you can't kick ChoirBoy so he can be a soprano.

All Answers are not in exact order.

From: Skye Knight Valentine (Skyeknightv@yahoo.com)
Date: Fri May 22 12:38:57 1998

Skye V.

Well I can't enter anything in the BWS forum because THIS computer i'm using isn't
f#%!&$g advanced enough to find the url.

Oh well.

Well I am Dressed Up for the BWS and Later On I hope to enter something for it.
Skye Knight Valentine signing off.

From: Kry (KrymsonLdy@aol.com)
Date: Fri May 22 20:50:06 1998


Congratulations Psycho!!!!
I hope u enjoy all of the fame it will bring u!!!

We can't wait for the next one. This one was kind of a cliffhanger.
oops, there goes LOL!!! Oh well. (start song)

From: What DeHelizat ((What!!!))
Date: Fri May 22 23:28:06 1998

Congrats LOL, you passed.

I'm proud of you. However, you can't beat me on Civ.!! Although, we should find out someday.

From: NWHS Track Senior
Date: Fri May 22 23:33:10 1998

The Last of Many

Ah yes, today was the last race in my prostigious (is that spelled right?) career. Now I can say that I am done. Ah, such reminisence, such memory.

From: SpryteImp (SpryteImp@aol.com)
Date: Sat May 23 22:47:07 1998

Hey LOL, Remember?

"We're losing power from our crystal balls. Those damn Klingons do to much damage" See what alcohol do to people? They make them do many things!

From: shawna (shawnabe)
Date: Sat May 23 23:32:04 1998

um ok

this is a cool site its weird but cool

From: SpryteImp (SpryteImp@aol.com)
Date: Sat May 23 23:50:06 1998

LOL, need to ask u something

Name as many things that u are going to do(not in that way) to freshman next year(especially someone we know.

From: Skye Knight Valentine (Skyeknightv@yahoo.com)
Date: Sun May 24 20:45:59 1998


what I would do is...absolutely nothing...i respect the freshmen, sophomores, and juniors and the like...so absolutely nothing

From: Anonymous The Paranoiac (anonymous@crazedanddazed.com)
Date: Sun May 24 20:50:33 1998



From: SpryteImp (SpryteImp@aol.com)
Date: Sun May 24 21:31:57 1998

just wait for a certain moment

I would wait until the San Fran trip(if we go). Then torture him for... the whole trip. Then cut his head of with Psycho's axe in the plane back and throw the remains out the down somewhere in the Rocky mountains

From: SpryteImp (SpryteImp@aol.com)
Date: Sun May 24 21:33:09 1998

Evil laugh


From: Dangerousluy Psycho (DPsycho@dangerous-minds.com)
Date: Tue May 26 09:40:05 1998

Lol and Imp

Did you say you were losing power from your balls? Ewwwww...

From: Anonymous The Paranoiac (Anonymous@crazedanddazed.com)
Date: Tue May 26 11:53:30 1998


This is wha happened. After the Choir Banquet, I asked Imp if i can get a ride home. He said sure. We had to wait for his mom,
who was in the bar next to Arvey's. Well While we were waiting for Imp's mom talking with her husband. There were two guys
talking lines from Star Trek but they said a different way. They said I need more power Jim. I can't get no more power from my balls
or something like zat...It was just nasty.
Oh I was voted as Biggest Freshmen of Master Singers, and the MOst Dazed and Confused! :)

From: Dangerously Psycho (DPsycho@dangerous-minds.com)
Date: Tue May 26 15:05:00 1998

And there was much rejoicing...

From: Aries (arieschic@hotmail.com)
Date: Tue May 26 15:31:15 1998


good for you LoL...

From: What DeHelizat (WhatDeHelizat@notme.com)
Date: Wed May 27 15:41:37 1998

Enschuldigung, auf Deutsch.

Diesem, die diese Worten night lesen kann, HA HA HA!!!

(NOTE: vowels with umlauts are ae, oe, or ue)

Heute schreibt ich ueber LOL. Warum? Er wird verrueckt sein weil er eine Zeit der Futur nach dem Vergangenheits gehen wird. Die vorsichtigsten Sicherheitsmassnahmen sind etwas Katzen oder Hunden in seinem Schlafzimmer. Hmmm... eine Person soll sein Hund zurueckgeben sodass er oft mit Sex speilen koennte.

From: Anonymous The PAranoiac (Anonymous@crazedanddazed.com)
Date: Wed May 27 15:42:29 1998



(LOL, I'm also invading the message you left me.)

From: Dangerously Psycho (DPsycho@dangerous-minds.com)
Date: Wed May 27 15:46:48 1998


Dammit What, if you're going to accuse the poor kid of beastiality, do it in a language we can all enjoy.

From: WDH (Valk83@aol.com)
Date: Wed May 27 15:50:18 1998

Mehr Deutsch

LOL. Deine Tassen wird bald im Spinnt gehoeren.

Genug Deutsch. I werde jetzt auf Englisch sprechen.

From: Anonymous The PAranoiac (Anonymous@crazedanddazed.com)
Date: Wed May 27 15:52:05 1998



(LOL, I'm also invading the message you left me.)

From: The Bane of Confusion (What@confused.com)
Date: Wed May 27 15:55:42 1998

The Confusion Award

Congratulations, LOL. You have been awarded the Confusion Award.

This entitles you to many words of pestering in German. Enjoy! Oh, good work on attaining the Biggest Freshman Award and Most Dazed and Confused. Keep up the good work.

Hey, what ever happened to the most likely to invent something? (Refer to joystick)

From: What DeHelizat (ValkF83@aol.com)
Date: Wed May 27 15:56:34 1998

Hey Psycho.

What replies," yay."

From: SpryteImp (SpryteImp@aol.com)
Date: Wed May 27 17:51:02 1998

I got a question

Its to those band people in here. Who put the band sign up on the music wing entrance? It looks retarded up there... kinda like what Mr. Koch looks like.

From: Anonymous T.P. (Anonymous@crazedanddazed.com)
Date: Wed May 27 18:27:54 1998


"I could tell you, but then I'd have to kill you"

"Strange Society Goes to the Mall"

From: G.O.D. & Jazmin
Date: Wed May 27 21:51:53 1998

G.O.D. figures out this internet stuff

J: For all his supernatural powers, poor G.O.D. has yet to discover the wonder of the internet. (He can't even type!)

G.: I didn't invent the computer, genius. It was one of those things humans came up with to destroy the world

J: Whatever... Choir Boy (if zat really IS your name, ) thank you for the IMAGES book today. My mother said "Oh, look, the mail man's here," I said, "That's no mail man, that's (cue echo effect) CHOIR BOY boy boy boy boy.....

From: anonymous (Scuttle123@aol.com)
Date: Wed May 27 21:51:58 1998


Through reading the guestbook, I have realized just how crazy you people are....that was meant in the nicest way possible, since i'm sure you would take it that way....Chris, or D Psycho, excuse me, I'll give you a clue to who this is....since you're not going to be here next year, who am i supposed to guve a high five to everyday? (Most of you don't really know me anyways.) Well, i'm off...good luck to all the seniors.

From: Jazmine (offical spelling) (findme@somehow.com)
Date: Wed May 27 22:28:16 1998

erronious claim (did I spell that wrong?) so much for MY college education!

So uh.... psycho....what happened to your claim to put ME in a story? What, I'm not worthy of being mentioned? Gee, I only hang around you all 24-7 (not recently though) I'm only G.O.D.'s girlfriend. and what about Pevert Sex? She deserves at least a mention too! I'm starting to get offended!

luv always, Jazmine K. Conchello
(not to be associated with Cello Girl!)
ps. Skye, man of my dreams, where are you????

From: Dangerously Psycho (DPsycho@dangerous-minds.com)
Date: Thu May 28 09:37:44 1998


Um, first of all, we already have someone by the name of Anonymous who frequents the gueSTbook. You're creating redundancy, but thanks for visiting the site.

To Jaz - I SAID I'd put you in when I can. I have to complete BWS first, or it won't make any sense!

To Imp - It's the fault of you choir people dat it looks so bad now. It was going to be moved by us today, but since it's been meddled with, it's now someone else's responsibility. HA!

So, um, how about dat physics final?

From: Dark_Skye (DarkSkye@yahoo.com)
Date: Thu May 28 11:55:52 1998

F*** You All

1) Imp: You Petty Excuse For A Bass. The Band Sign Should Have Stayed.
I mean Who cares If the Band Sign Is there. Psycho You Are Right About What You Said About choir people.

2) Jazmine K. Conchello: Well Sorry Skye Ain't here Just me...All Negative Energy.
I ain't sure if Skye is coming back...if its possible...
Zat is all.

From: Skye Knight Valentine (skyeknightv@yahoo.com)
Date: Thu May 28 12:04:48 1998

Lord Skye V.

Sorry About What D.S. said.
I take all responsibilities for his actions.
Well First of All I'd like to address Jasmine.

Jasmine: ...*sigh* I don't know. Maybe sometime.

From: Anonymous T.P. (Anonymous@crazedanddazed.com)
Date: Thu May 28 12:36:34 1998

1 Anonymous!!!


From: Jazmine K. Conchello (Jazmine_Aiel@yahoo.com)
Date: Thu May 28 15:35:29 1998

Ya know . . . the usual BS


Thankx, I thought you had forgoten about me. I was trying to kill this ice lady thing, but she kept touching herself and Cid kept going cray and killed everyone else in the party and then himself. I cried. Cuz the last tim eI had saved was a while ago (ewwwwww)

Skye, where are you? I need to talk. Don't email my old address...that one gets too much junk mail, get me at Jazmine_Aiel@yahoo.com please, that goes fpr everybody too okay? P.S. G.O.D.'s parents are going out of town next week, MAJOR party at his house! (Phone for details) Goddess, you remember the LAST party at GODS's house! ;>

Luv always, Jazmine K. Conchello

(not cello girl)

From: What DeHelizat (ValkF83@aol.com)
Date: Thu May 28 15:52:48 1998

Typing Tips for G.O.D.

Dear GOD. What is glad that you are exploring the world of the internet. It is a world full of confusion as everyone tries to display information about themselves and their habits. For example, there's LOL and his single handed typing. Enough said. Anyway, here are some confusing tips for navigation:
1. In Civ 2, learn Navigation.
2. If you cannot type fast enough, then learn how to type fast with one hand (See LOL), and then add the other one.
3. Yahoo. Definitely Yahoo.
4. Instead of a mouse, use a cat.
5. Twidle your fingers till they fall off. When they do fall off, you can hook up your hands to the keyboard.
6. Make fun of LOL as much as you can in this guestbook like the way that I am doing so right now.
7. Type "Hentai" in any search engine.
8. Get AOL instant messanger if you need any live (or dead) confusing guidance.
9. Remain quiet.
10. Use your GODLY powers and/or ST Powers. Wait they're the same, right? Yeah.

From: Pin the Cat (Meowmeal@yum.com)
Date: Thu May 28 15:57:06 1998

Purge the book!!

LOL, Me-me-ow-ow Meoooow Meeeow Meow Meow. Meow Meow!! Meow!! Meow!! Meeeeeeow Meow!!! Meow Meow!! Meow Meeow Meow Meoooow Me Meooow Meow Meow Meow Meow Meeeeow Meeeeeow Meow Meeeeow Meow Meow Meow Meow!! OUCH!! MEEEEEEEEEEEOOOOOOOOOOOW!!!

From: Jazmine K. Conchello (Jazmine_Aiel@yahoo.com)
Date: Thu May 28 15:57:09 1998

There you are!!

Aha! What, I found you! Where are you? I mean, I need an update on your email address. P.S. I haven't seen you in a year, wherre've ya been hiding?

Jazmine Kiwi Conchello

LOL, If you did something wrong, lets talk abot it, okay?

From: Dangerously Psycho (DPsycho@dangerous-minds.com)
Date: Thu May 28 16:12:42 1998

Actually, What, I prefer Lycos.

Jaz, our updated email addresses are on Strangesite. Pay attention! :)

From: Jazmine (Jazmine_Aiel@yahoo.com)
Date: Thu May 28 16:17:42 1998

Yeah, yeah . . .

I AM paying attention. These stupid Morton Grove computers are SO slow, you can only do one thing every 15 minutes. (So I didn't have TIME to check to check the address, alright? Besides, I think Annoying has an AOL or Juno account or something now that he checks more frequently, so there!)

Love lots!
Jazmine Kiwi Conchello

From: WDH (ValkF83@aol.com)
Date: Thu May 28 16:19:36 1998

Typing Fast

This is an attempt by What DeHelizat to type really fast. Of course, he is slowed down by the fact that he must think of what to say before actually executing his plan of action. In LOL's case, it would be the other hand. Thank you and good night.

From: Jazmine
Date: Thu May 28 16:26:44 1998

Hey, Psycho!

This place needs a chat room. Or a link to a chat room or however you do that stuff. This computer is too slow. This sucks. Everyone boycott the MG Library. Wait, no. . .just take out a bunch of books and don't return them. No, take all the reference books and put then in the porn section. You know, they really do have a porn section here. I mean. . . I wouldn't really know myself . . .but uh, oh crap.

Jazmine K. Conchello

From: Dark Skye (DarkSkye@yahoo.com)
Date: Thu May 28 22:21:19 1998


Like YOU WOULD KNOW Jasmine.

We Will Meet Jazmine Kiwi Conchello...Sooner Than You Think. ; [

From: Skye Knight Valentine (skyeknightv@yahoo.com)
Date: Thu May 28 22:24:35 1998

Sorry Again...

Don't mind him...he's been a little angry at a few things these days..

From: Dangerously Psycho (DPsycho@dangerous-minds.com)
Date: Fri May 29 09:47:38 1998


Jaz- The MG computers aren't dat bad. They're a hell of a lot better than the Macs the school has. The library does not have a porn section. I've looked everywhere. As for a chat room, I'll implement a Strangesite forum today. As long as the gueSTbook has been getting this much traffic and replies which end up completely out of order, I think a forum would make a lot more sense.

Dark Skye- If you come in contact with Skye, will there be an explosion or just a neutralization? Would there be a "POOF!?"

Come in contact? Oh, nasty!