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From: Wht DeHelizat (ValkF83@aol.com)
Date: Fri May 29 10:01:19 1998

AP Physics

Good morning, this What DeHelizat reporting live at the last AP Physics class Mods 6 - 9. AP Physics, there's nothing like stress in the morning crunching equations and topics all in one mesh inside the brain of a student. All the pressure is gone now, and the grades that described the work done (or not done). Hey, What just cried a cheery "Whoohoo" as he has been surprised with a "B". The season of learning has ended, and now we shall rest before What gets a cookie. As for LOL, he ain't gettin' much rest in the seat of a driver ed car in the summer.

OH, LOL, who knows, I might hang around to distract you!!!!

From: WHAT DEHELIZAT (WhatDeHelizat@notme.com)
Date: Fri May 29 10:36:49 1998

The Color Yellow

Right now I am commenting about yellow.. Yes, yellow. Yellow is such a happy color. Just by looking at it, you feel... ahhhhh. Just look at my shirt and you'll see. Oh, did I mention about Pikachu being yellow?

From: Dangerously Psycho (DPsycho@dangerous-minds.com)
Date: Sun May 31 12:46:12 1998


Why are you still using the gueSTbook? Join the rest of us in the forum!

From: What DeHelizat ((y'know))
Date: Sun May 31 14:36:57 1998

Last one?

I was just in there bashing LOL again. Besides, I want to be the last message here.

From: Aries (blah blah)
Date: Sun May 31 17:39:50 1998


not anymore your not *snickering* hahahaha

From: Andrea 'Mercury' Hui (MercAqua@aol.com)
Date: Sun May 31 22:37:21 1998

Sailor Moon is the best!

Hey, thanks for all the nice things you said in my yearbook! I'll miss ya when you go to college, keep up with me about Sailor Moon!!!!! I'll remember you as "Hey! He looks like Jesus!!!" (Variety Show '97) ha!!!

From: Dangerously Psycho (DPsycho@dangerous-minds.com)
Date: Mon Jun 1 12:00:47 1998

Thank you, Andrea.

It means a lot to me. I encourage everyone to visit her site at http://moonromance.simplenet.com. One of the best there is!

From: Nu (Nu@Nu.com)
Date: Mon Jun 1 12:35:14 1998


I am the end...I am Nu!

From: What DeHelizat (ValkF83@aol.com)
Date: Mon Jun 1 17:20:20 1998

I claim it again!!!

HA HA HA HA HA. It's mine again!!!

Hey, this game is fun.

From: Dangerously Psycho (DPsycho@dangerous-minds.com)
Date: Tue Jun 2 11:33:53 1998


There is never going to be a last entry. I'm not deactivating the gueSTbook. Stop leaving messages just for the sake of being the current "last entry." People who are simply surfing by prefer a guest book to log in under, so I'll be maintaing the gueSTbook and 4um simultaneously.

From: Nu (Nu@theend.com)
Date: Tue Jun 2 12:38:34 1998


But THERE is NO html HERE!!!

From: Dangerously Psycho (DPsycho@dangerous-minds.com)
Date: Wed Jun 3 08:50:00 1998


...the thing from which you get the third eye and can steal mops? I demand a tab.

From: Aries
Date: Wed Jun 3 10:24:01 1998

Mops ?

wha the heck are mops ?!?!?!? of course i know wha actual mops are but i have the feeling tha you guys arent really talking about the things you clean floors with. . . are you ? ... ok nm...

From: Nu (Nu@Nu.com)
Date: Thu Jun 4 11:02:58 1998


*gives tab to Psycho*
there you go a nice and small magic tab.

From: Skye V (skyeknightv@yahoo.com)
Date: Thu Jun 4 12:15:51 1998

Dumb Old Version of Netscape...

Well...I can't enter my statement into the Forum so
I'll enter them here..
Well...The Original 5 have Graduated...
I congratulate Them All
Sicko, Drum Boy, Annoying, What DeHelizat, And D. Psycho...
I hope you have strange and successful futures...
May You All Accomplish In Your Lives Ahead...

Now It is time for the Original 5 to move on and for the future
Members to now prove themselves in High School. And Hopefully
accomplish what you all have or more.

Zat is all from me.

From: Dangerously Psycho (DPsycho@dangerous-minds.com)
Date: Thu Jun 4 13:33:45 1998

Thank you, Nu

I would like you to take this Poyozo doll as a sign of my gratitude.

From: Nu (Nu@nu.com)
Date: Thu Jun 4 19:42:03 1998


Psycho I give you this ..
*Psycho Clone*
It is one of those clones that only do certain movements...

Not like those clones Parin had....

From: What DeHelizat (ValkF83@aol.com)
Date: Fri Jun 5 01:59:56 1998

Did someone say "Clone"?

Just give me a piece of hair. Hey LOL, would you like to be my first volunteer.

From: Lol (Skyeknightv@yahoo.com)
Date: Fri Jun 5 09:09:15 1998



From: Aries (_skye_angel_)
Date: Fri Jun 5 18:55:53 1998

Do we really need another LOL running around this earth ?

oohh... *shudders at the thought* JK LOL !!!

From: SpryteImp (SpryteImp@aol.com)
Date: Wed Jun 10 13:16:18 1998


Are u f***ing nuts! It would be the end of the world. What kind of psycho would do something like that?

From: Skye V (skyeknightv@yahoo.com)
Date: Wed Jun 10 18:12:21 1998


First of All What is Not Exactly Kind
I don't think Any Psycho would...
And Last That is not part of the subject here...So don't mention it!

From: Dangerously Psycho (DPsycho@dangerous-minds.com)
Date: Thu Jun 11 10:12:30 1998


You've got to learn to substitute part of your vocabulary while you're dealing with the ST. Get used to it.

From: SpryteImp (SpryteImp@aol.com)
Date: Wed Jun 17 20:15:46 1998

Sorry about dat!

I need to watch what i said a little closer. I am still learning to watch the things I said. Good part i am learning more interesting things about THAT!

From: What DeHelizat (ValkF83@aol.com)
Date: Thu Jun 25 01:21:59 1998

I only have one thing to say about the above message.


From: Skye V (skyeknightv@yahoo.com)
Date: Thu Jun 25 16:38:03 1998

Netbabbler ST 4um

Well For Some F***** Reason something is wrong with the Whole Netbabbler system.
I do hold all responsibility if there is nothing wrong with the Net Babbler system.

I do hope however zat whaever is wrong with the NetBabbler System the whole thing is repaired. But For Now If the Netbabbler is not fixed yet... please do use the gueSTbook for the time being.

From: What DeHelizat (ValkF83@aol.com)
Date: Mon Jul 6 03:14:38 1998

Um LOL....


From: Undecided (bongarang@hotmail.com)
Date: Wed Jul 8 00:54:54 1998


Just wanted to say


From: Lord Valkyrie (ValkF83@aol.com)
Date: Tue Jul 28 01:11:45 1998


There will be a new era for What DeHelizat as he will divide part of himself to create Lord Valkyrie. Oh wait... he already did!!

From: Dangerously Psycho (DPsycho@dangerous-minds.com)
Date: Sat Aug 1 12:21:23 1998

Yes, it's true.

The 4um is down this morning while NetBabbler changes location. I hope none of our messages get lost in the transition!

From: Sicko (BASicko@yahoo.com)
Date: Tue Sep 8 10:20:38 1998

I'm back....

and the forum isn't!?!?
now I feel all left out...I'll never know what was on all 11 pages
Oh, well!

And I'm last(right now)

From: Dangerously Psycho (DPsycho@dangerous-minds.com)
Date: Tue Sep 8 11:07:17 1998

It was Twelve pages, actually.

And they have apparently been lost forever. It happened to all the forums at Netbabbler. Everyone's quite upset, and no one from the admin. has told us what the f*ck's going on.

In the mean time, I restored the 4um's internal settings. It will work, but all the messages from before are gone.

From: Krys (KrymsonLdy@aol.com)
Date: Tue Sep 8 12:40:23 1998


I can't get into the forum!!! I know something happened but Psycho... I thought you fixed it??
<sigh> Now I must go through forum withdrawl!!
Oh well... might as well go to class and learn about band instruments!! *shudder* (hee hee)

oh, and I am the LAST entry!!!!

From: The 83rd Valkyrie (ValkF83@aol.com)
Date: Tue Sep 8 17:53:36 1998

The Forum is still screwed up!

Funny.... I was in the mood to put a message in there... but it's gone... along with the rest of the forum that was established today. Now my thoughts are as dark as the forum is right now.

Psycho, you were gone for 4 days; and I'll tell ya somethin'.... I was gone for 2 days so the disappearance must've occured last night or some time around then.

Will we all have withdrawl... I think not... a sense of revenge... sure why not.

From: Dangerously Psycho (DPsycho@dangerous-minds.com)
Date: Sat Sep 12 12:52:34 1998

This is the first I've...

...been in the gueSTbook since my last message, so I'm not sure wha the problem was for you guys. Are you sure you were going to the temporary one (8472) and not the original which had still been lost? (5342) I'd left all the links within the pages as they were. The only link to the temporary one was on the index page. Since its restoration (which hadn't occurred yet by the eighth) I haven't had any problems with the 4um.

From: Drumboy (rkyte@uiuc.edu)
Date: Wed Sep 16 13:17:25 1998


I've finally signed the gueSTbook! It's about time. Note the new email address. I've stopped using the juno account.

And what's this thing about cloning LOL. Why would you do that?

From: Drumboy (rkyte@uiuc.edu)
Date: Wed Sep 16 13:17:55 1998

By the way . . .


From: Dangerously Psycho (DPsycho@dangerous-minds.com)
Date: Fri Sep 18 00:35:09 1998


From: squeaky (kruszews@uiuc.edu)
Date: Fri Sep 18 03:59:18 1998



From: Dangerously Psycho (DPsycho@dangerous-minds.com)
Date: Sat Sep 19 03:37:57 1998

I don't usually play this game, but...

Now I was here last again.

From: What DeHelizat (ValkF83@aol.com)
Date: Tue Sep 22 22:15:44 1998

Just leaving record of my existence.

In case some prankster decides to eliminate me from this planet's surface, I'd like to leave any sort of evidence of my existence, such as a hair sample or some cat furr, so that people can take these items and use the cloning process to make me exist again. Thank you for your homage!

From: mysteryman (tddndr@yahoo.com)
Date: Thu Sep 24 02:29:25 1998


I wonder if netbabbler's all right... netscape claimed netbabbler didn't have a DNS entry... It's really odd... (the same probably could be said about me)..

From: Aries (arieschic@hotmail.com)
Date: Fri Oct 2 18:04:24 1998

Ha Ha !

*last entry* : )

From: Dangerously Psycho (DPsycho@dangerous-minds.com)
Date: Sat Oct 3 12:46:14 1998

You know...

I left the gueSTbook here for unknown visitors, not for a game of King of the Hill.

From: DrumBoy (rkyte@uiuc.edu)
Date: Mon Oct 5 18:30:51 1998

Yeah, what he said!

You shouldn't abuse Psycho's guestbook just so you can have the last entry. It's immature and childish! I know that I would never do such a thing to a friend.

BTW, look who has it NOW!

From: What DeHelizat (ValkF83@aol.com)
Date: Mon Oct 5 22:20:03 1998

I'm on top of the hill for now...

... of course, some others out there are on top of a different type of hill, don't you agree?

From: Undisclosed name
Date: Wed Oct 7 15:55:30 1998

Oh, nasty!

There. A nameless message. Now let's wait for something pertinent to appear in here.

From: Sicko (BASicko@yahoo.com)
Date: Sun Oct 11 04:21:17 1998

You losers!

Wha are you doing in the gueSTbook when you have a nice 4-um???

Wha am I doing here at 3 in the morning?

From: DrumBoy (rkyte@uiuc.edu)
Date: Tue Oct 13 09:10:19 1998

Looking for hot chicks??

You never know....

From: Mysteryman
Date: Wed Oct 14 11:02:44 1998

non-funny-pun (or so i think)

Um.. I could look for cooked young chickens, but they're too cute to cook.

Yay! I'm the last entry (for now)

From: Dangerously Psycho (DPsycho@dangerous-minds.com)
Date: Wed Oct 14 11:47:31 1998

You people...

Really have nothing better to do, do you? From hereon, I'm only going to sign the thing if I feel it's necessary.

From: Dangerously Psycho (DPsycho@dangerous-minds.com)
Date: Tue Oct 20 12:08:48 1998

The 4um...

...is having problems again. Everything is still there, but you may have to hit reload a few times whenever you change screens. It took me about 20 tries to post a message there, so I advise everyone not to leave their usual random messages for the time being. You may, of course, do so, but make sure whatever you're writing is worth the effort to post it.

I'll add another message here when the situation has been cleared up.

From: Dangerously Psycho (DPsycho@dangerous-minds.com)
Date: Tue Oct 20 18:35:41 1998

All clear

The 4um appears to be back in operation.

From: GOD (G_O_Destruction@yahoo.com)
Date: Sun Oct 25 22:35:49 1998

How come . . .

Psycho's the only person who signs the gueSTbook anymore?

From: Skye V. (skyeknightv@yahoo.com)
Date: Mon Oct 26 10:02:55 1998


(ooops sorry about the caps) ^_^ caps lock.

but anyway...why isn't there any ....messages?

From: What DeHelizat (ValkF83@aol.com)
Date: Mon Oct 26 10:58:49 1998

No... Psycho is not the only person in the guestbook lately...

... it's quite handy whenever Netbabbler screws up during one time or another; sorry, I'm quick to blame them based on their recent "activity".

From: Dangerously Psycho (DPsycho@dangerous-minds.com)
Date: Mon Oct 26 11:52:56 1998

The 4um

For every Netbabbler forum, including the help forum they host themselves, adding a message makes the forum report dat it has none. Both the true and backup forums have thus "disappeared." Without the aid of the help forum, I haven't a clue as to why this is or wha they're doing to fix it, but I'm certain they're working on it.

Time to put some serious consideration into getting our own server. This is rediculous.

From: DPsycho
Date: Mon Oct 26 16:14:05 1998

In the meantime...

...Lowell applied for a forum, and it seems to be working fine, so he offered it as a temp.


From: Skye V. (skye_valentine@hotmail.com)
Date: Mon Oct 26 21:29:41 1998

....my forum got affected..

zats wha happened. it got affected and well NO MESSAGES...sucks.

From: Aries (arieschic@hotmail.com)
Date: Tue Oct 27 15:42:40 1998

: ( *sniffle*

I miss the forum : (

From: What DeHelizat (ValkF83@aol.com)
Date: Tue Oct 27 16:44:17 1998

They're only working on it.

Yes... I'm sure that they are working really hard at trying to satisfy all their customers... in more than one way, might I add. However, according to influences from a certain CS course, they are not thinking about their problem and are spending way too much time fiddling with the coding and such... so under new beliefs, they should all get some applications to McDonald's which can be attained from my professor.

From: Dangerously Psycho (You know my email by now.)
Date: Fri Oct 30 11:52:46 1998

I don't think...

...it had anything to do with coding. It was probably a matter of the servers themselves and their referencing of one another.

From: Aries (arieschic@hotmail.com)
Date: Thu Nov 5 22:45:02 1998


WOOO HOOO !!!!!!!!!!!!

From: Amanda (amorris@knox.edu)
Date: Sun Nov 8 22:38:38 1998


Okay, I finally got around to signing the gueSTbook. I didn't mean to take so long, but I did. Oh well. I really like this place! I LOVE the stories! They're sooooo funny! And of course, you just GOTTA love DPM! Isn't he ADORABLE!?!?! (you should see the look on his face when I say that! =) ) Anyway, I'm sorry I took so long, but now I'm here signing it and you know what they say, better late than never right? I THOUGHT about signing it in Japanese but I decided not to for a few reasons.
1) I can't type in Japanese characters
2) No one could understand a single blasted thing
3) This message would be a lot shorter.
So I just decided to do it in plain old English...=) That was probably for the best. Besides, what if some Japanese people visited this page!?! They would see my writing and probably DIE at the horrible grammar! And since I'm not particularly fond of scaring of users and things, I thought it would be for the best. Hey, at least I'm not putt

From: Amanda (amorris@knox.edu)
Date: Sun Nov 8 22:45:06 1998

HI!!!!!!!!!!!!!! (part 2)

ing up a picture of myself. Now that WOULD scare away people! Either that or break their monitors so that they wouldn't ever want to visit this page again. I didn't think that would be too nice of me. Anyway, I'm sitting here writing this thing and talking to my boyfriend online at the same time. Isn't that neat!?! Isn't modern technology the GREATEST!?!?! I mean, when can fill in meaningful entries and give messages to loved ones at the same time, I think that's just AWESOME! Okay, so maybe I'm the only, so DEAL. You know what y'all need on this site? A DISNEY page! YEAH! That would be SOOO coool!!!!!! Okay, Okay, maybe not for you, but hey, I can have my OWN Disney pages if I want! AND YOU CAN'T STOP ME! MUWAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA! DISNEY IS TAKING OVER EVERYTHING, INCLUDING THE NET! MUWAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA! Seriously...I DID have up some Disney web pages at one time...maybe I should put them back up. =) Then you can put in a link to my page AND t

From: Amanda (amorris@knox.edu)
Date: Sun Nov 8 22:46:45 1998

HI!!!!!!!!!!!!! (Part 3)

he Disney page! MUWAHAHAHAHAHA! Okay, Okay, I'll stop. Sheesh, can't someone go on a rant every now and then? Blar. :p Fine, if THAT'S how you feel, maybe I'll just go away now! See how you like have a piddly, short guestbook entry! HA! SO THERE! BLAR!.................Just teasing...=) LOVE YA'!

From: What DeHelizat (ValkyrieFighter83@yahoo.com)
Date: Mon Nov 9 20:41:28 1998

Longest Entry Award

What gives Aiko the longest guestbook entry award. May your typing days in the ST world be a full one.

From: Amanda/Aiko (amorris@knox.edu)
Date: Tue Nov 10 00:17:45 1998


Thank you, thank you, thank you! I've NEVER gotten an award like this before! Do you think you could possibly make a little domaflochy to put on my web page...you know...a little award icon so everyone in the world, or at least everyone who comes to view my web page, sees that I have an award for the longest entry in the ST gueSTbook? That would be SO cool! I really want an award on my page! Sadly, I have yet to receive one. I don't understand why. :( How do you get those awards anyway? Do you just wait until some passerby who happens to give away awards for different things or for a certain thing comes and visits your page and likes it so much that he or she decides to give you an award for the page? Or do you have to actually sign up for awards? I hope you don't have to sign up for awards because I would feel really really bad if I did. I mean, why sign up for an award yourself? I think I'd be more satisfied if someone just gave me an award because they liked m

From: Amanda/Aiko (amorris@knox.edu)
Date: Tue Nov 10 00:20:24 1998

oh! (part 2)

y page. I mean, basically signing up for an award is asking for an award and aren't awards supposed to be given without asking? I mean, I didn't ask for this long entry award, but I got it! And I must say, it feels much better being given an award when I'm not expecting one than just asking an award and then getting one because I asked. It just doesn't feel right I guess. I supposed some people don't have a problem with asking for awards. It seems to be a very pompous thing to do though...I mean, if someone asks for an award they think that they are good enough to get an award. I'm not saying that they AREN'T good enough to get an award, I'm just saying that when they ask for an award, they aren't showing a great deal of humilty. I rather think humility is a good quality to have, even though I don't have it in loads myself. I try to be humble, even though I don't always succeed. At least I try. That's more than a lot of people do. Some people don't ever

From: Amanda/Aiko (amorris@knox.edu)
Date: Tue Nov 10 00:21:27 1998

oh! (part 3)

try anything. Like, some people don't ever try to accomplish their dream and do what they really want with their life. I know a few people like that. It kind of scares me because I see how bitter these people are because they didn't get around to doing what they really wanted and now they're stuck in jobs that they don't like so they get bitter and take it out on the people they live with and stuff like that. I mean, if something happens because you don't try, you shouldn't take it on others, because it's not their fault so don't treat them like it is, right? I mean, that's just makes for bad relations within a relationship. I know that if you want to have a good relationship you have to get along and if you're constantly taking things out on someone else because of something that isn't their fault, you aren't going to get along with them, and eventually, it's going to really hurt the relationship you have with that person. Of course, people can always change

From: Amanda/Aiko (amorris@knox.edu)
Date: Tue Nov 10 00:23:34 1998

oh! (part 4)

. Sometimes, people start making their lives over late in life. I've heard about several people doing complete changes after years in one field or career. Sometimes they're even better at their new career than they were at their old one. Sometimes they can even get awards in their new career. Usually they don't ask for these awards; they just get them because people feel they did a really good job and deserved them. I wonder what would happen if people gave awards to people who were really bitter and stuff. Would that help their attitudes towards what they have made of their lives or help them gain the initiative to do what they really want to do? Maybe we should just have special days or something for them. Everyone should have a special day. Everyone should be made to feel special at least once a year because everyone IS special. Some people don't seem to realize this and that makes me sad. I like making people feel special and making them happy. Mayb

From: Amanda/Aiko (amorris@knox.edu)
Date: Tue Nov 10 00:24:23 1998

oh! (part 5)

e there should be a national "special" holiday, just a day to take off because everyone is so special. It's a nice thought. At least one more day in the year to take off work or school anyway. That's always an incentive. :) Speaking of taking off, I should probably finish up this entry. I just want to thank What again for his wonderful award. It really means a lot to me and I'll never forget it. THANK YOU!


From: Aries (arieschic@hotmail.com)
Date: Tue Nov 10 19:27:23 1998


YOu are LONG winded !!!!!!

From: The 83rd Valkyrie (ValkyrieFighter83@yahoo.com)
Date: Tue Nov 10 22:07:57 1998

I need to know your motivation!

Gee golly, there is no way that I would be that motivated to write that much. I have a couple of times, but that was many, many years ago.

From: Aiko (amorris@knox.edu)
Date: Tue Nov 10 22:39:09 1998


Well, I guess you could say I'm long winded. I can hold my breath a long time. I held it for just a little under two minutes one time. This was while I was swimming one summer. I had a friend time me. I was always the one who would win the "who can hold his/her breath the longest" contests. This ability, of course, helps immensely in singing, especially when you're sustaining long notes. I know that this comes useful when singing opera. Sometimes you will find long lines of notes where you just go up and down the scale, maybe just on one syllable. Personally, I rather like opera. I have sung a few things. My senior year in highschool I learned "Voi Che Sapete" from "The Marriage of Figaro". It was the first aria (a song taken from an opera) that I ever learned. This of course meant that I had to learn how to pronounce the Italian, the language in which the song was written. I prefer to sing Italian opera though. Italian is very easy to pronouce, really. F

From: Aiko (amorris@knox.edu)
Date: Tue Nov 10 22:41:39 1998

Well... (part 2)

rench is so hard to pronounce and it's hard to get the correct accent. I found this out when I started to learn "L'amor" from "Carmen". French is a very beautiful language, but very hard to sing when the person who is singing has never had any lessons in French what-so-ever. German isn't quite as difficult, but I don't particularly care to sing in German. I much rather speak these languages than sing them. It's amazing what the difference between singing in a certain language and speaking in that language is. Spanish is another language I don't mind singing in. I, however, took a year of Spanish after I had taken three years of Japanese. Now this is one language that came quite naturally to me. That and the fact that the previous summer I had just visited a Spanish speaking country (I won't say which, you'll have to ask) so I supposed I was in the mode to learn Spanish. The class was so easy for me. I think the lowest grade I made was a 96. I pretty

From: Aiko (amorris@knox.edu)
Date: Tue Nov 10 22:43:26 1998

Well... (part 3)

much got a 98 for a term grade each term. Languages tend to come easily to me. It's one of my few talents. I seem to be able to pick up the way to speak them, the accents, quite easily as well. This is good since I've taken Japanese for the last 6 years. Japanese is very easy to sing because it's very straight forward. I actually have a cd with a collection of old traditional Japanese music. There are a couple of merely instrumentals, one starring the koto and another that has an ensemble of different instruments including the koto, shakuhachi (a type of flute) and some chimes. This song is the "Edo lullabye" and is very beautiful. It's one of my favourites. Most of the other music on this cd is vocal music. The style is very very old and most Japanese people don't listen to this style of music anymore. The words and phrases that they use in this music is very old Japanese and sometimes you run across things in this cd that aren't really used in the

From: Aiko (amorris@knox.edu)
Date: Tue Nov 10 22:44:05 1998

Well... (part 4)

Japanese language any more. I rather like the cd though. Some of my friends thought I was crazy when they heard this music, but hey, to each her/his own, right? We all have our likes and dislikes and we all like different things. I try not to make fun of what other people like so they should make fun of what I like! Anyway, the people who sing the music also have to hold notes out for a very long time. Sometimes I wonder how some people can hold things out that long. It just amazes me how much breath control they have! Of course, if you want to REALLY be amazed at how much breath control people have, listen to some Gregorian chant. Now THERE'S music that you have to hold for a long time. I mean, they can spend 10 minutes on ONE syllable going up and down the scale sometimes. Of course, in that time there wasn't really a scale per se, more just modes or something to that effect. I do believe that the Medieval Dorian mode was the Greek Phrygian mode an

From: Aiko (amorris@knox.edu)
Date: Tue Nov 10 22:44:46 1998

Well... (part 6)

lly quite a shame. She really is wonderfully gifted and has a gorgeous voice and awesome breath control. I would like to see her on stage some time. I certainly wish that I could sing like her. I have a decent amount of breath control, but not like a person who wants to sing opera and Broadway should. It's certainly something I need to work on. So, yes, in a way, I'm long winded, but not quite up to the standards that I should be. I'm working on it, though and I hope to get better soon! Anyway, it's almost time to go to work. Ciao!

From: Aiko (amorris@knox.edu)
Date: Tue Nov 10 22:45:08 1998

Well... (part 5)

d the Medieval Phrygian mode was the Greek Dorian mode. Or something like that. I should look that up again. Anyway, Gregorian chants can be quite neat to listen to, if you get a nice recording. I have run across a few that I'm not particularly fond of, but hey, we can't all like everything. Anyway, as I was saying, you can listen to these chants and marvel at the wonderful breath control that they have. It is certainly something to aspire towards. I of course, aspire towards singing like Kathleen Battle. She's a WONDERFUL opera singer with one of the most beautiful voices. Her notes are SO clear when she goes really high and she has AWESOME breath control. I really admire her for her voice. I can't say that I admire her personality too much because...well...because fame and success have gotten to her head, and she tends to be a bit...um...well, I guess the phrase is "Stuck up". I mean, the Metropolitan Opera FIRED her because of attitude. It's rea

From: Dangerously Psycho (DPsycho@dangerous-minds.com)
Date: Wed Nov 11 21:07:22 1998

My eyes hurt.

I don't like this blue color anymore. I'm going back to the 4um. The text there is prettier.

From: Jazmine (Jazmine_aiel@yahoo.com)
Date: Thu Nov 12 03:15:15 1998

Yes, she IS long winded . . .

But I rather like her. You know, if everybody from the Strange Society who is in college got ONE person from their college intrested in the ST, and the one person got one more person intrested, and those people got MORe people intrested . . . why, you guys could have a cult phenom going here. You could do a movie in two years? That would be SO cool! You could all play yourselves . . . and Aiko and I could do that duet thingy that's on that commerical for your opening music . . oh yeah! The music . . . you know, you guys should really do a movie for some kind of indpendant artsy film festival or something.

Oh yeah . . . I WIN!!!!

From: Aiko (amorris@knox.edu)
Date: Fri Nov 13 01:21:42 1998

Thank you!

nd 7 feet long from nose to tail. I mean this boy was BIG. Of course, he didn't do anything but lie there in the water. It was funny because he had a penny on his nose where someone had thrown it into the water. But he didn't shake it off or anything! He just sat there with it! There were a couple of other alligators there, but they were mice compared to that big guy! One of the alligators we saw wasn't in that pond but actually in the reptile house. It was one of the "ghost" alligators. There are, I think, only 7 of them known to be in existance. They're basically white alligators except that they aren't alibinos. Don't ask me to explain it. Anyway, the ghost alligator wasn't in the pond, which I was kind of sad about because he has to be couped up in the reptile house and he doesn't get to go outside with the large one. Of course, I hope that none of the alligators get into the duck pond. I don't think that would mixe too well. There wouldn't be any

From: Aiko (amorris@knox.edu)
Date: Fri Nov 13 01:22:57 1998

Thank you!

Oh thank you Jazmine! You're so sweet! You know, I like you too! Of course I like everyone I've met here. =) Y'all are so cool! =) As for getting other people interested in ST, well...even though he isn't from my college, I'm trying to get my boyfriend interested. I've sent him to the site and I think he's read most of the stories. I'll have to work on him a little more. ;) He's really into fish ponds though. When I went to visit him in August (He lives in Texas, I live in Georgia), I helped him build an outdoor fishpond. It took us four days, but that's only because we were procrastinating horribly. We were having too much fun doing stuff, like watching movies and going out and stuff. But anyway, we finally got all the wood and the lining and everything and built the frame and then put the lining in the frame. We got some fish too but they aren't in the pond yet. He's going to wait til he can get some plants into the pond before putting the fish in.

From: Aiko (amorris@knox.edu)
Date: Fri Nov 13 01:23:32 1998

Thank you!

One of the fish he got was a koi. He's really big on koi, and I don't blame him. They're such beautiful fish! We went to the Houston Zoo while I was there and they had a BIG duck pond that had lots of ducks (gee...maybe that's why it was a duck pond. :) ) and lots of koi! There some koi there that were probably longer than my forearm! When some of the larger ones swam, their backs would stick up out of the water. They had these little dispensers filled with some sort of generic food that you could get for a quarter so we spent a couple of dollars on that, buying food and throwing it to the ducks and fish. They were all so cute going after the food! There weren't any fights or anything either, just lots of fish and ducks swimming as fast as they could to get to the food. Right next to the duck pond was an alligator pond and they had this HUGE alligator there. He must have been OLD. His nose was probably as thick as two of my heads and he was probably arou

From: Aiko (amorris@knox.edu)
Date: Fri Nov 13 01:28:13 1998

Thank you! (part 3)

nd 7 feet long from nose to tail. I mean this boy was BIG. Of course, he didn't do anything but lie there in the water. It was funny because he had a penny on his nose where someone had thrown it into the water. But he didn't shake it off or anything! He just sat there with it! There were a couple of other alligators there, but they were mice compared to that big guy! One of the alligators we saw wasn't in that pond but actually in the reptile house. It was one of the "ghost" alligators. There are, I think, only 7 of them known to be in existance. They're basically white alligators except that they aren't alibinos. Don't ask me to explain it. Anyway, the ghost alligator wasn't in the pond, which I was kind of sad about because he has to be couped up in the reptile house and he doesn't get to go outside with the large one. Of course, I hope that none of the alligators get into the duck pond. I don't think that would mixe too well. There wouldn't

From: Aiko (amorris@knox.edu)
Date: Fri Nov 13 01:28:58 1998

Thank you! (part 4)

be any ducks or fish left! All those gorgeous koi, eaten by that monster! Of course, if they just stayed in Kurt's pond, they wouldn't have gotten eaten, unless the gator some how broke out of the Zoo and found it's way to my boyfriend's house. I'll have to get Kurt to read more of those stories and maybe post to the board. Of course, if he sees that I've talked on and on about him here on the guestbook, he'll probably hit me. :} Maybe then he could tell some of his friends and then get them interested and after a while if we all do as Jazmine suggests, we can start a cult or something! Maybe even make a movie! That would be so cool! I've never been in a movie, though I know that Scream 2 was filmed at Agnes Scott, a women's college that's 15 minutes from my house and one where I was accepted when I was applying to schools. I guess I should have taken them up on the acceptance. Maybe then I could have been an extra who got killed off in the movie!

From: Aiko (amorris@knox.edu)
Date: Fri Nov 13 01:29:39 1998

Thank you! (part 5)

That would be sooo cool! Of course, if they made a third one, that means I couldn't be in the third one, or at least, not as the same character. Although, I hope they don't make a third one because even though Scream 2 was pretty good, I don't see how Scream 3 could ever have a plot or be any good. But I would like to have a chance to be in a movie or something. I think it would be neat to have one of those overnight successes that come about every once in a blue moon! If not on the screen, then on the stage! That would be so awesome! I could be the next Julie Andrews! Don't you just love broadway? I do, though I've never seen anything live on stage. The only things that I've seen as far as broadway and opera have been on the tele. I want to see something live one day...I remember the first broadway show that I ever saw was "Showboat". I LOVE that show! I only saw it on the tele, but I LOVED it! My mom was the one who told me about it and I'm so

From: Aiko (amorris@knox.edu)
Date: Fri Nov 13 01:30:11 1998

Thank you! (part 6)

glad she did! I've come to appreciate and love the fine arts. :) I think it would be neat to go up on the stage in front of hundreds of people. All those people coming just to see you and the other starts performing this piece! That would be SO cool! Of course, I don't want to get nervous, and I usually don't get too nervous when I perform now, because I've been singing in front of people since 5th grade, but I think if I did something like that I would get VERY nervous! Talk about a crowd! I think the show I want to be in the most is "Phantom of the Opera". I've never seen the stage show, though I've seen movies about it and stuff. I really want to see the show and hear the music. I started to learn one song from it, "Wishing You Were Somehow Here Again" my junior year in highschool for a contest or something, but then my teacher switched songs on me. Too bad. I guess I was doing really bad on that song. :( Oh well. :) My teacher left after tha

From: Aiko (amorris@knox.edu)
Date: Fri Nov 13 01:31:03 1998

Thank you! (part 7)

t year. :( I was sad to see him go. He was such a good teacher and he cared so much about music. Unfortunately, my highschool had a lot of students who took music just to get what they thought would be an easy "A". Unfortunately, if they didn't try, they didn't get good grades. Needless to say, a lot of them didn't get good grades. It's really too bad because we had a lot of good singers in that group. Those that did care (like me) were the ones who always did the cool stuff like solo/ensemble and all-state chorus. I remember going to all-state. That was a lot of fun! I went during my senior year and I was the only one from my highschool to go that year. I was put in the women's chorus. It was a lot of fun and I got to keep the music from it! I always love getting new music. Unfortunately, sheet music can be expensive. As so can tapes and cds. Still, I scrap and save and every now and then I grab some sheet music and gets some cds. I try not

From: Aiko (amorris@knox.edu)
Date: Fri Nov 13 01:31:44 1998

Thank you! (part 8)

to get tapes anymore. They just don't do the trick, ya' know? It was really nice of them to let us keep the music because that way my church can possibly do some of the music some day. That is, if I ever remember to propose the music to them. That's the problem, I can never remember. Maybe I'll get around to it some day and then I'll be remembering how I performed that with the choir at all-state. I also have some music that my choir director from my college let me keep. Some more music to propose to much choir at church. Now if I can only remember to do it. Hehehehe. Sometimes we do pieces from shows and stuff in choir. Like last year, we did a piece from the show "Rent". I think it would be cool to actually perform that on stage professionally! Years from now, I'm a professional singer doing all the songs that I did in choir, only this time getting paid to do it! Don't you just LOVE getting paid to do something you LOVE to do!?! That's the be

From: Aiko (amorris@knox.edu)
Date: Fri Nov 13 01:32:37 1998

Thank you! (part 9)

st job to have. I know I wouldn't want a job that I absolutely hated. My mom doesn't like her job too much. I really feel sorry for her not having a job that she loves to do. I think when you have something like that, time goes by so fast and you actually enjoy what you're doing and your bloodpressure doesn't skyrocket. That would be a bad thing. My mom has high blood pressure and it tends to get higher when she's at work. Gee...I wonder why. She's on medication right now for it. She's actually on 6 or 7 different medications for arthritis, high blood pressure, allergies and other things. That really bombs, having to be on medication. I know I hate it. I'm SUPPOSED to be on ritalin, but unfortunately I can't afford it. I can afford it when I'm at home because it's only 5 or 10 dollars a perscription, but when I'm away from home it's almost three times that much and since I have 2 different perscriptions of ritalin and the only last a month each,

From: Aiko (amorris@knox.edu)
Date: Fri Nov 13 01:35:30 1998

Thank you! (part 11)

that's 60 dollars a month, which is a lot more than I can afford. At least medicine is cheap when I go home. Going to the doctor is cheap too. It's only 10 dollars a visit. It's because we're on an HMO. That price is really good because I get sick a lot. Especially with respiratory and throat problems. One time, I had 6 bouts of bronchitis in 6 months. I had it 3 times during the summer and 3 times after the summer but before Christmas. I was miserable and missed a LOT of school. Then there was the time that I had strep throat for 2 months and it wouldn't go away! I got sick all of a sudden the day before my birthday and just went to bed that afternoon like around 6pm. Then I went to the doctor on my birthday. The people at the office gave me a lollipop! She asked me to come back and get tested to make sure the strep throat was gone, but it wasn't! So she put me on a different medication and when I came back to get tested again, I STILL had st

From: Aiko (amorris@knox.edu)
Date: Fri Nov 13 01:36:24 1998

Thank you! (part 11)

rep throat! Once again, a new medication. Once again, positive. During this time, I felt BAD. I didn't miss 2 months of school, but I felt crappy (I could go to school because I didn't have a fever and wasn't contagious). By this time, the doctor was getting worried and kept changing my medication. After a while, she said that I might just be around someone who was a carrier for strep and just wasn't affected by it. Then she gave me one more perscription and said if that didn't work that she would have my mom and my grandma tested and if they didn't come up positive that she wanted us to take my cat in to get tested! No, y'all can NOT test my cat for me. She's perfectly FINE. Don't even THINK about it. Anyway, she gave me the new perscription. And for the first time in almost 2 months, I wasn't feeling so crappy! Then, the next day, my arms start to glow. And I mean GLOW! Glow RED! And it was spreading all up my arms and I was feeling nauseou

From: Aiko (amorris@knox.edu)
Date: Fri Nov 13 01:37:05 1998

Thank you! (part 12)

s and dizzy, so I go around to all my teachers, give them my homework, get the next day's homework and go home and get some benadryl in me. Then I call the doc and she puts me on a perscription I had before that didn't work. Only, the next time I went into the doctor, I came up negative! So the perscription that I had a reaction to DID help!! Well, it helped to weaken the strep throat anyway. I've always had problems with these kinds of sicknesses and I hate that because I sing all the time, whether it be at church when I'm home from school, or in a choir at school and in practise every day. Then I get sick and can't perform and feel crappy and it happens so often! I hope that if I become a professional singer that it won't happen so often. That would be BAD! What if I got my big break and then couldn't perform because I was sick! I would just DIE! Maybe if I become a professional singer, I could get a movie producer to make a movie out of the Sag

From: Aiko (amorris@knox.edu)
Date: Fri Nov 13 01:37:38 1998

Thank you! (part 13)

a! Then I could bring all of y'all in to play yourselves! That would be so awesome! Strange, but awesome! And if we hadn't all met each other by that time, it would be the perfect opportunity to do so! I mean, what better way to get to know someone than by working with them? Then we could all become friends! I would like that! =) Then of course, after the movie was made, we would all be stars! We could start the STrange Convention! I think that would be SO awesome. Ack! Look at the time! It's getting really late and I'm getting tired. I'd better go. Y'all take care! Bye!

From: Jazmine (Jazmine_Aiel)
Date: Sun Nov 15 18:37:48 1998

You're welcome . . .

I think it's something like Murphy's Law or irony or something. It's the vocalists that get sick the most often. i have a stuffy nose/sore throat/heaadach almost every other week. I have a suspicion that if I weren't a vocalist, I wouldn't get sick nearly as often. I get strep throat almost every two months. It's terrible!

(figured that was the only thing i could resopnd to . . .)


From: DrumBoy (rkyte@uiuc.edu)
Date: Fri Nov 20 13:48:11 1998

Rob dies...

...while attempting to read all of Aiko's messages. Now all that is left is a rotting corpse.....

My dying request is to have the last entry in the GueSTbook!

From: Dangerously Psycho (DPsycho@dangerous-minds.com)
Date: Sun Nov 22 20:06:39 1998

Where's the 4um???

Sheesh... I ignore STrangesite for 30 hours so I can be sufficiently prepared for my Nihongo exam, and when I return, the bloody thing's disappeared again.

Oh, sorry Rob. I guess I'm ignoring your request. May I have you spleen?

From: Mysteryman (tddndr@yahoo.com)
Date: Sun Nov 22 20:40:45 1998

looks like it's time to increase # of msgs per page to 40 ^_^

I think that by the time the forum needs 50 messages, we should be well on our way to finding another.....how about the replacement forum tha was up at the beginning of the semester? tha would fuifil our forum needs^_^

From: The Guardian of Operation: Destruction (G_O_Destruction@yahoo.com)
Date: Sun Nov 22 23:39:49 1998

Everyone at Netbabbler has just been sacked.

And the people responsible for the sacking of the people at Netbabbler being sacked have just been sacked.

From: Skye Valentine (do i have to?)
Date: Mon Nov 30 00:26:13 1998

Look No Subject...Oh Shi..

So anyway ^_^
i just had to visit the guestbook.
its been awhile for me. ^_^

The place where all my personalities gained experience and power. ^_^
*sigh* ^_^

fond memories...

Anyway. Time to goto sleep.

From: Nutmeg (Nutmeg911@hotmail.com)
Date: Mon Nov 30 00:46:20 1998

An error on my part...

I swear, Amanda wins the award for longest novel ever written.... even longer than Hugo Victor's Les Miserables.... which I have to read for my history class... all 1058 pages... Gulp... ANYWAY.. I just realized that in all my time here I have NEVER signed the gueSTbook.... so here I am .... placing my first entry....
Megan.... =

From: Dangerously Psycho (DPsycho@dangerous-minds.com)
Date: Tue Dec 1 10:19:03 1998

Happy December!

Sorry, without the 4um up (AAARGH!!!) I felt compelled to place a message here instead.

From: Nutmeg (nutmeg_0911@yahoo.com)
Date: Fri Dec 4 01:54:57 1998


This is soooooo frustrating... Netbabbler crashed while I was TRYING to post something... Netbabbler sucks!!!!... (Sorry Psycho, but it does, I understand, but it does)

From: What DeHelizat (ValkF83@aol.com)
Date: Mon Dec 7 13:14:46 1998

Who turned the lights out?!

I go into the forum, and everything is all black! If it's a surprise party, it better be for the sake of cats!


Oh by the way, the messages are there, but ya can't read 'em because the text is all black too...

FOR THE RECORD: What is not at all against the color black. He'd rather prefer blue or yellow though.

From: Dangerously Psycho (DPsycho@dangerous-minds.com)
Date: Tue Dec 8 09:23:43 1998

Now it's just dat their server's down.

Stupid Netbabbler... and just when I was going to do some editing, too.

From: What DeHelizat (ValkF83@aol.com)
Date: Sat Dec 12 15:45:03 1998


.... let's start an ST server fund!

From: squeaky (kruszews@uiuc.edu)
Date: Sun Dec 13 12:26:11 1998

oh, well

it's still down... maybe that is better off, because I also have to do work now....

but all the same it is annoying...

From: What DeHelizat (ValkF83@aol.com)
Date: Sat Dec 26 00:35:44 1998

Merry Christmas!

Netbabbler has given us a great present. They are trying to avert our Forum addiction during this holiday!

From: Aries (arieschic@hotmail.com)
Date: Thu Dec 31 17:40:25 1998

*sarcastic tone*

oh yea... How Nice... : /

From: Dangerously Psycho (DPsycho@dangerous-minds.com)
Date: Tue Jan 5 09:54:29 1999

I believe it's time again...

...to flush out the entries in the gueSTbook. Start the new year off right.

I'll get on it after my classes finish today.