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There are sites which are weird. (Trying to promote one's self as being out of the ordinary)
There are sites which are strange. (Out of the ordinary without trying to be)
And then there are sites which are JUST PLAIN WRONG AND FREAKY.

October's winner is The UIUC Porthole Cow FAQ.

Freaky Wrong!
Credit for this one goes to MysteryMan who emailed me the address.

Portholed cows. Believe it or not, I've actually heard of this before. To answer the question of, "Hey, wha's it like inside the stomache?" (a question usually asked after one has consumed a rather large quantity of beer) someone went ahead and made an open portal into one of a cow's four stomaches.

Now remember, this award is not given based on subject matter. It's given to sites which promote freaky wrong subject matter for NO APPARENT REASON and/or done so poorly. This one fits into the capitalized category. The page, apparently, is on this server because U of I actually has a portholed cow in the spring's Agricultural Open House. Beyond that, it can't take the subject seriously (note the EEEEWWWWW! surrounding the last image) and it answers the question of what it's like inside WITH FOOD ANALOGIES. Don't visit this site if you're eating a peanut butter sandwhich or food from Wendy's. In fact, don't visit it while eating. In fact, don't visit it.

I usually validate the selected site in some way in this paragraph, but one has to wonder who visits this page in the first place and why. I suppose that if you saw the cow and were told of its web page, you might be prompted to visit, but this site is built the other way, promoting the cow for those who haven't seen it. The ST gets enough of the deformed cow ideal in the Bane World Saga, and this concept is far more disgusting. For all these reasons, this page has been selected as October's Strange Society Freaky Wrong Link of the Month

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