The Strange Society Freaky Wrong Link of the Month

There are sites which are weird. (Trying to promote one's self as being out of the ordinary)
There are sites which are strange. (Out of the ordinary without trying to be)
And then there are sites which are JUST PLAIN WRONG AND FREAKY.

September's winner is

Freaky Wrong!
What is there NOT to say about this monstrosity? With features such as Clown History, The New Calliope, Clown Talk, Find a Clown (*shudder!*) and, worst of all, Clown Mall, this site is beyond Freaky Wrong. It's Nightmarish Creepy.

To complain only from the POV of one who dislikes clowns is unfair, so to further develop my claims I cite that the image map doesn't function completely. By analyzing the source HTML, you find that half of the "balls" on the hideous image map haven't been programmed with their destinations as of this report. Furthermore, and like many other sites of this type, there are too many null images (ie, the Clown Mall). Not that I mind. I'd rather NOT see the grotesque fiends portrayed on my screen.

Its technical problems aside, I'm sure this site performs its function for those individuals who need it, but that function is to promote attempted entertainment of children with frightening makeup and decor, and this is why it has been selected as September's Strange Society Freaky Wrong Link of the Month

Before I finish, I would like to note that this site is in no way related to, which is a waste of a domain name and currently under development, or to, which is one of the funniest sites I've ever had the pleasure of stumbling over by accident.

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