The Strange Society Freaky Wrong Link of the Month

There are sites which are weird. (Trying to promote one's self as being out of the ordinary)
There are sites which are strange. (Out of the ordinary without trying to be)
And then there are sites which are JUST PLAIN WRONG AND FREAKY.

This month of November features exactly the kind of freaky wrong link this idea was created to denounce, Love thy neighbor!

Freaky Wrong!
Credit for this one goes to Mike from Knox College who emailed around the address.

It was a famous Doctor Demento radio show skit which jokingly suggested that Dungeons and Dragons harbors evil. This site believes it. Completely. And for ALL role-playing, evidentally. And to the most extreme measures. Furthermore, in a devout Christian manner, they try to resolve the perceived dilemma by means of obnoxious love and prayer.

And what's obnoxious love without obnoxious HTML coding? You guessed it. This site commits the almighty sin (no pun intended) of surrounding long, not to mention large and colorful, messages with BLINK tags. And this is only the beginning. In further terms of bad site creation, there are (as are invariably) null links. Try visiting the sgloss.html page to see what a sin is. You can't.

The faulty HTML is enough to merit this as a recipient, but I can go on for pages concerning all the obnoxious suggestions this site makes. Did you know these FUN facts?

- "the Forces of HATE threaten Christian People in Our LORDS Internet!"
- The sole purpose of role-playing is so "older man lures young girls (especially virgins!) and boys (typically 4 to 17 years old) to join an "exciting" roleplaying game session and to make sin!"
- People who buy game books are also involved in drugs and weapons.
- The visible signs of an obsessive devotion to role-playing games are the exact same as those for occultism and even satanism. (The site lists them...)
- Having tattoos and jewelry puts you in this category.
- AD&D books are actually Occult books.
- AD&D causes homosexuality.
- MTV has a show called "Beaver and Butt-head."
- If you send this person email for any reason, you're inherently wrong, but the webmaster will pray for you.
- On the Net, it's important to make every statement exclamatory.
- (This one really gets to me) If you're Catholic, you're evil.

The site then goes on to explain how the Inquisition is still endorsed by the Catholic Church, Ice Hocky is the game of the Devil and MUDS are all about worshipping evil. It also lists sites which you are prompted not to ever visit for the sake of your soul, and provides the hypertext links like any link collection.

As you know, this paragraph validates the site in question somehow. Well, here's what I liked about it.

- Barney and Friends goes against scripture.
- Disney cartoons are evil because Darkwing Duck used violence.
- Ditto for the Power Rangers and the Smurfs. (Don't know why Smurfs, it's another null link.)

Enough of this. This page has been selected as November's Strange Society Freaky Wrong Link of the Month, and if this is yet another use of hatred on the Internet, the webmaster of the site can feel free to pray for me. He already called me inherently evil for my religious affiliation, and I resent that without the hatred of speaking ill about his. Eat your words, Mr. Niilo Paasivirta, if that's your real name.

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