ST Communications

Talk to the ST!

At Strangesite, we offer (and encourage!) three ways to communicate with us.

General visitors, please sign or view the good ol' gueSTbook
Here're the old entries from before I flushed it out.
Until 4-20-98
4-20-98 to 5-29-98
5-29-98 to 1-5-99

For regular visitors or anyone who wants to communicate more directly, feel free to join the real characters in the Strange Society FORUM

Finally, you may always Email the ST members with any questions, comments and severe threats.
Dangerously Psycho, What DeHelizat, Drum Boy, Annoying/Super Protractor Man, Sicko, GOD, Dude, Anonymous the Paranoiac/"Choir Boy", Jester and Undecided.

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