Allow me to step out of character for a moment...

I'm about to do something I've never done before. Address visitors to Strangesite without using my pseudonym or the personality attached to it. I'm doing this because it's come to my attention that Strangesite has been receiving a number of visitors who weren't referred here by one of our own. I think this is wonderful, but then every webmaster (web site creator) gets a kick out of more visitors. However, what do these uninitiated visitors do once they get here? I haven't a clue.

To help first-time visitors, I write this short explanation of how Strangesite has come to be and exactly what it fulfills for its visitors.

To begin, my name is Chris. I'm a college student in the Midwest United States. I am the author of a series of short stories which I have been writing since the end of 1994 under the pen name of "Dangerously Psycho," also one of the stories' main characters. The stories are a relaxed sort of slapstick, sometimes dark humor inspired by our small circle of friends, then the Strange Table. They are all greatly exaggerated and humorous, and have evolved since to contain a richer underlying plot and given way for a novel-in-progress, the Bane World Saga, my first serious writing endeavor. I'm proud of my writing and enjoy sharing it. To those who've read my work, it has something of a cult flavor. Perhaps some day it will be an underground phenomenon. I don't know, myself. I just do the writing, update the site, promote it as much as I can and let those who have seen it spread the word.

This brings me back to Strangesite. Originally it was created as a place to display my writing. That was a year ago from my typing this file. Today Strangesite features, in addition to the ongoing saga, a list of self-created multimedia including games, music and animation, a forum where frequent visitors and members of the stories can mingle and spread news, some online stores to promote Japanese anime, a bunch of online toys and links and some other miscellaneous pages which don't necessarily relate but are of interest anyway.

All in all, it's an ever evolving site with an expanding range of spectacles to offer to its visitors. It's a big learning experience for me and a great source of entertainment for everyone else.

From hereon, I step back into character. The Strange Society of the stories is a group of high school-age students who possess bizarre antisocial abilities trying to fit in with normal society. From this basis, I give you Strangesite.

    - Dangerously Psycho

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