Drum Boy, in full Marching Band regalia CONDOM! Sicko, perverse as always SUPER PROTRACTOR MAN! Dangerously Psycho, armed and ready the Guardian of Operation Destruction, sporting the ST T-shirt Dude, the Wandering Technician Undecided, um perhaps, well, um... What DeHelizat, Bane of Confusion Anonymous the Paranoiac, aka Skye Knight Valentine Our favorite pastime!  (Society9) SAILOR MOON! (Society5) Lake shark, from Society7 Scalpel, from Society4 Psychos personal tome of the Stories.  Note pictures on left. Phoenix egg, from Strtbl2 GODs Bears hat.  The halo is sewn in. Custom ST hat - Anonymous (leather!) Custom ST hat - Psycho Custom ST hat - What Jesters hat Great America pictures, Strtbl3 MRREOWWW!  Sitting on authentic Madhus Pizza box from Society10 Processed sugar, Hypers remains. (Society 1-3) Jester, bearing his Frisbee Sickos Scouting cap Custom Psycho hat Original Psycho hat Niles West Band hat Drum Boys Marching Band hat ST Clock, created during ST Days 97.  Note time is 6-to-9 Drum Boys patron instrument In-A-Gadda-Da-Vida album, Society8 Annoying, armed with the Power of the Protractor Whats Cat in the Hat hat.  Its a feline obsession.

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