OK, we have our team.
by Dangerously Psycho

All we need is for Dude to "modify" Jazmine's Playstation so he can transport us inside. I'm pretty sure it was CD#1 where he became trapped. To get into the game, we have to take the form of FFVII personas. I'll be Cid Highwind. Aries is Tifa Lockheart. 888 is Cait Sith. Lowell is Cloud Strife. Sultan is Barret Wallace. What is Nanaki (hey, he looks like a cat). We'll have to find Skye in the form of Vincent Valentine.

One thing - no hitting on Yuffie or Aerith! They'll be under their own programmed influence, so DON'T MESS UP THE STORYLINE! Besides, they can kick all yer @$$e$.

Now to politely inform Jaz dat we'll be using her Playstation...

Posted on Aug 08 1998, 09:42 AM

Forget it!
by 888

I refuse to be Cat Sith. I'd rather be Cloud or Zach or someone like that.

Posted on Aug 08 1998, 07:01 PM

Think about it, Adam.
by Dangerously Psycho

Zach died before the game ever began, knucklehead. You wouldn't be of much use to us zat way.

Besides, Cait Sith has by far the best limit break in the game. Casting recovery on all is free megalixers just when you need 'em, and Game Over is simply awesome.

Besides, you get to sit back in Midgar as Reeve and have hot cocoa while your puppet feels the pain of battle.

Posted on Aug 10 1998, 09:23 AM

by Imp

Tell me where the machine is and ill conquer it. Never to hurt skye again.

Posted on Aug 08 1998, 10:10 PM

I doubt it.
by Sultan

It has 32 bit graphics. You'll never defeat that.

Posted on Aug 09 1998, 12:25 PM

by Dangerously Psycho

*Psycho, Lowell, Sultan, What, Adam and Aries assemble to be transported into FFVII by Dude, the Wandering Technician. Just as the machine fires up, Dark Skye rushes into the room and jumps onto the platform.*

*As the heroes awaken, they find themselves in their selected FFVII personas, including Adam who is at Midgar as Reeve with the kidnapped Marlene controlling the automated cat. The crew suddenly notices Sephiroth standing among them. Dark Skye, as Sephiroth, immediately flies away, laughing maniacally.*

Sultan: "Is this bad?"
Lowell: "Yes. VERY bad."

*What starts chasing Cait Sith, shouting "CAT!"*

Posted on Aug 10 1998, 09:44 AM

Man ...
by Aries

*watches as dark skye flies away* he sure does put a damper on things doesnt he. . .

Posted on Aug 10 1998, 11:40 AM

by What DeHelizat

As Sephiroth flies away, he gets hit by an anvil and was killed instantly.

For pity's sake, Lowell casted "Life 2" on him just to keep all the character's alive for the time being; but an hour later, both the Emerald and the Atma Weapons zapped Lowell for his act of mercy. Luckily, he missed the sight of death by ONE hit point, but this put him into a deep comatose state.

What, still chasing Cait Sith, clumsily tripped and fell into a cursed spring, the Spring of Drowned Cat. This spring changes anyone with a touch of water to a cat should they fall into it. He turns into a cat and started chasing himself.

Posted on Aug 11 1998, 06:31 AM

by sqeaky

But can I be in the story? Where am I???? Ok... So Squeaky suddenly and magically appears. Don't you miss me, Psycho???

Posted on Aug 11 1998, 01:10 PM

by Sultan

Psycho frowned and turned to Squeaky.
"No." he said. Peter reared his head forward and laughed.
"This HAS become a Mental Ward story!!"
Psycho spun around twice and slowly drew his axe. Then, when he was finished singing the Japanese national anthem backwards, lifted it into air and threw it, watching it impale Chuck's nasty, unwashed, greasy hair. He laughed. A lot.

Lowell stared blankly at the huge neon sign that was blinking the words "LOWELL'S GAY!!", and went beserk, killing the nearest townspeople.
"not me..." Adam said innocently, while hiding the box to his new Neon Sign Kit. Lowell frowned and..

Posted on Aug 11 1998, 05:56 PM

ha ha Sultan!
by 888

... Started to mimic a broadway musical on Adam. "Wait!" slurped Adam... This wasn't my Idea! it was Peters! He wanted the sign to say 'Charles is Gay', but for some weird reason it changed to Lowell. I was trying to fix it ... honest." Lowell merely hit Adam with a wet noddle and squirted off. Adam who was getting hot in the stuffed cat suit took it off. Adam was amazed to find later that he looked like Zack. To prove this to himself he automatically cut a stone in two with his hair. "Reeve and Dio should make those suits lesss stuffy." yawned Adam to himself as he slurped off...

Posted on Aug 11 1998, 09:53 PM

And then...
by Aries

Lowell turned to me,
"This is gonna Definately Not gonna be easy." and in return I glanced over at the Sultan and glared at him and Adam. *Sigh*
"get rid of the stupid sign we came here to get skye out of zat stupid coffin not interfere with the actually story line. geez..."

And as the group started to walk away ...

Posted on Aug 11 1998, 09:35 PM

by Lowell

can we please continue on our way to look for Skye?...now i think we should head over to Nibelhelm immdiately so we can end this quest. Although I would like to visit The Golden Saucer before we go...
So Psycho where should we go first?

Posted on Aug 11 1998, 09:50 PM

by Lowell

if i might suggest..

we goto straight to Nibleheim and end this journey now.

we could goto the Golden Saucer and have some fun for awhile.

we COULD goto the Honeybee Manor, nuff said.

'course this IS your choice.
i just hope we take the HighWind.

zats all.

Overworld Theme

Posted on Aug 11 1998, 11:17 PM

I sugggest...
by 888

That we head down to Costa de sol so one of us can purchase President Shinra's summer home. Then maybe we could stop by the Gold Saucer. I think one of us might have a gold ticket.

Posted on Aug 12 1998, 10:00 AM

Gold Saucer
by Dangerously Psycho

If we do end up going to the Gold Saucer, it should be after we rescue Skye. Then I think we should send one person in for 3000 and have him cheat in the basketball game until we have enough GP to get a gold ticket from the prize chick. To tell you the truth, I wouldn't mind trying out the shooter coaster myself. Did you know there's a bonus 200-point target at the end if you shoot out the spotlights?

Posted on Aug 12 1998, 10:08 AM

by Dangerously Highwind, er, Cid Psycho

Psycho frowns on the situation which has resulted due to the inclusion of MW people and Banes into the FF universe. Sighing, he comes to a conclusion.

"Let's get this job done as QUICKLY as possible. Screw the storyline."

He explains to his companions that they are currently located near Fort Condor and hould hijack the airship now to get to Nibelheim, even though Meteor hasn't even been summoned yet. With Dark Skye acting as Sephiroth, Shin Ra won't be following the storyline either, because they're following him. He also explains that What's having fallen into the cursed spring had no effect because he WAS ALREADY RED XIII, remember???

"Let's get this over with. I hope you remember your Marching Band skills, Lowell."

The group heads off for Junon. Psycho wishes he'd brought Squeaky, but she unfortunately wasn't present for the transferal. (Sorry! I'm not trying to be mean, Vic!)

Posted on Aug 12 1998, 10:04 AM

by Lowell

I remember my marching band skills... I have an idea for squeaky... Dude could transfer her in and make her Shera.

Posted on Aug 12 1998, 01:16 PM

"Screw The StoryLine!!"...
by Lowell

Lowell and Psycho go to the locker room and puts on the shinra uniform and get ready to march in the parade

they join in formation with the others...
they look to the right and see... a


Lowell:"Drum BOY! wha are you doing here?!?!" (Note:"Screw the storyline")
Drum Boy:"Shhh... I'm working for SDSS."
D.Psycho:"Define SDSS."
Drum Boy:"The South Dakota Secret Service."
Lowell:"Secret Service? Allison?"
Drum Boy:


Just as Drum Boy screamed...everyone reacted to the comotion...even the Drum Major.

Lowell:"fine fine fine...i'll shutup"
D.Psycho:"Never mind Drum Boy...lets just get back to the parade"
Lowell:"ok...i'll just follow your lead"

Psycho and Lowell march in the parade on live television. They score a rating of 50% (which is pretty high for OUR marching band back home)they get 5000 gil from the TV executives

In the meantime, What wonders how much is 5000 gil in yen.

Posted on Aug 12 1998, 09:24 PM

by Dark Skye..err...Sephiroth

Back in the Northern Crater...

Dark Skye disguised as Sephiroth trys to summon Meteor to the planet

Dark Skye: ...damn it...forgot the words...oh wait..wha i need to summon meteor is ...


hmmm...now..where can i get some...oh yea...Temple of the Cetra...hehehe better get going...heheheh ... hahahaha...HAHAHAHA BLACK MATERIA!!!

Posted on Aug 12 1998, 11:11 PM

The Money
by What DeHelizat

OK, Psycho and LOL rejoined the rest of the party with the money earned from the band. Sultan, with a sudden urge, grabbed some amount of money away from them and went to look for a shop. Shocked, the whole party, except for What still chasing for his tail, chased after him.

Sultan found this odd looking Chinese style boutique, with newspapers and other reading material displayed outside. He walked righ
"I'd like... let's see... um... these 10 Sailor Moon comics, please," Sultans requests from the shopkeeper.
"That'll be 1456 gil," he replied.
"OK, cool." He gives him 1500 gil.
"Thank you, kind sir."
"Uh... don't I get any change."
"It takes a while to change, grasshopper. You must have patience and live your life to your fullest. Speaking of which, I must close up shop now. Have a nice day!"
"What do you mean? Hey, where's my change?!"
The shop along with the shopkeeper disappeared... only to reappear near Snowy Mountain.

Soon afterward, the rest of the party arrived.
"Sultan, what are you thinking?!?!?" Psycho exclaimed.
"I'm sorry. I had extreme craving to buy something," answered Sultan. "See... I bought these. Only 1500 gil." He held up the comics in front of everyone.
"Comics?!?!?" everyone gasped.
"Well, on the bright side, I did choose Sailor Moon. I wanted to increase my awareness of her," he pointed out. "Plus, they might prove to be of good use someday."
"I'll forgive you if you let me add them to my collection back home," replied Psycho.
"Now we still need enough mo..."

What then appeared out of nowhere and became unconscious only to fall right on top of Psycho.
"Get off me, What!" ordered Psycho.
"Tsk tsk. I knew that you shouldn't be chasing your tail like that," Aries said.

Posted on Aug 13 1998, 02:19 AM

Flight of the Annoying
by What DeHelizat

A great, big commotion was being created in the background.

"What was that?" LOL wondered.
"No, silly. What is unconscious," Aries corrected.
"Hey, look over there!" 888 noticed.
Everyone turns to look.

The Highwind begins to take off.

"Hey, I'm Superrrrrrrrrrr Prrrrrrrrotractor Maaaaaaannnnn!!!!!" yelled some wacko person with an amplifier.
"How did he get here?" Psycho wondered.
"I don't know, but the ship is accelerating," 888 pointed out.

The hijacked ship heads westward.

"Drats. OK. With the rest of our money, we should buy some supplies and track it," Psycho suggested.
"OK," everyone agreed, except Sultan who wanted to remain and read the comics. The unconscious What slept through the whole thing.

Posted on Aug 13 1998, 02:31 AM

by Dangerously Psycho

With Annoying having stolen the Highwind (and unbeknownst to the travelers, Sephiroth seeking the Black Materia prematurely) the Light Warriors have no choice but to follow the true order of events and stow away aboard the Shin Ra freighter. This proves to be no problem, for Sephiroth doesn't appear to kill the crew and throw Jenova to them. While they miss out on gaining Ifrit, they do make great time to Costa Del Sol.

"Um..." realized Psycho, "without the airship, we don't have a way to progress directly to Nibelheim."

"How do we usually get there," asked What, unfamiliar with the storyline.

"Well... Barret, er, Sultan gets yelled at by townspeople, runs off on his own and gets arrested at the Gold Sauc*"

Psycho is interrupted by cheering as everyone begins planning their stay at the LARGE amusement complex.

"Well... we have 3500 gil left. It's enough to get us in for a one-time shot," speculated Lowell. "I don't particularly want to go through all the desert prison crap, though."

"But you'd never learn to ride a chocobo then!" pointed out Adam.

Lowell thought about for a moment. "No! We have to go save Skye, remember?"

"I have an idea," spoke Psycho. "Dio's gonna want the Keystone, right? Let's swipe it from the shop down south and trade it to him for the buggy."

The group all agreed, just so long as they'd get to go into the Saucer while Psycho made the trade.

Posted on Aug 13 1998, 09:40 AM

by Lowell

Am I still equipped with the Buster Sword? I prefer having the Ultimate Weapon...or at least Ragnarok...

Posted on Aug 13 1998, 10:40 AM

by 888

...someone changes games while we're in here. What happens then?( not Whatdehelizat) p.s. I get the Yoshiyuki.

Posted on Aug 13 1998, 01:53 PM

by 888

...apologise fpr not putting the appropriate caps in WhatDeHelizat's name.Sorry What.

Posted on Aug 13 1998, 01:58 PM

Don't worry..
by Lowell

Don't worry Dude's watching over us..

Back in Jazmine's House

Dude: ...dude..z.z..dud..zz.dude.zzzz...du..zzzz

Posted on Aug 13 1998, 03:16 PM

While Dude was sleeping....
by What DeHelizat

... he left the Playstation running sucking anything within 5.7 meters away from it, except Dude who put some type of force field to prevent himself from being pulled in.

The door bell rings.
"Um.... hello, would you like some encycol......... waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa!"
There goes the 3rd salesman today!!

Posted on Aug 13 1998, 04:46 PM

by Lowell

Back to the story...

At a shop south of the Golden Saucer

Psycho has been trying to make a deal to get the Keystone from the dealer while everyone waited in North Corel ready to go to the Golden saucer.
Psycho: WHADDU MEAN 3,000,000 gil for ONE KEYSTONE!?!?!?
Trader: You heard me...3,000,000 gil and I'm not going to lower the pri..
the trader abruptly stopped talking after Psycho took out his axe and decapitated the trader..taking the keystone, the gold bangle, and the 4th Limit break of Aeris/Aerith, Great Gospel.

At the same time, the Light warriors were stealing everything from the North Corel people...(IF there was anything they COULD steal from the citizens of North Corel)
Lowell: Actually yes there are some things you CAN steal from them.
umm umm You can read this narration??
Lowell: umm Yea. can't everyone?
NO. Just Stop Zat!!!
Lowell: fine fine...geez. Anyway..i was going to say zat I just stole Ultima from some kid. He was tough to fight. He was almost as hard as ... Guard Scorpion. HAHAHAHAHHAHAHAHA zats funny :D. tough as Guard Scorpion..oh geez i crack myself up sometimes...anyway..:)..I wonder if Psycho got the keystone.

Posted on Aug 13 1998, 09:47 PM

And So On...
by Dangerously Psycho

Psycho returns with the stuff he, um, borrowed from the shop to the south. Noting that his companions have been looting the innocent people of South Corel, he sighs and reluctantly reminds them not to leave without Barret's 4th limit book.

As the group leaves the now even more desolate town to board the ropeway lift, the downtrodden people begin to pull together. the agree that everything would be alright so long as they stay together.

Suddenly, Annoying barrels through the town on a Shin Ra train, destroying all that remained of the people and their homes.

"I wanna go bet on chocobos!" proclaims Sultan.

"Just don't go to the battle arena, or they're gonna blame you for the mess," warns Lowell.

"You aren't gonna try and steal the keystone from us, are you, cat?" interrogates Psycho.

"Sheesh! It's me, remember?" argues Adam.

"Oh, yeah."

The group quickly disperses. Psycho sits in front of the battle arena entrance among the slain people waiting for Dio to show up. He knows that going in would mean he would be accused, so he simply waits outside.

Wudde doesn't expect is for Dyne to still be there. The murderous rampage ends as Dyne runs out and accidently decapitates himself on Psycho's suddenly drawn weapon.

"Hey, I can get used to this thing," notes Psycho, looking at his Dragoon Lance. "A tad too long, but it gets the job done."

Dio shows up, commends Psycho and gives him the buggy. Psycho doesn't even have to mention the keystone...

Sephiroth discovers he needs the keystone and goes to the shop in the south...

Meanwhile, the REST of the party is strewn about the Gold Saucer.

Posted on Aug 14 1998, 09:39 AM

..and on...
by Lowell

<I><CENTER>After the incident at the BAttle Arena<BR><BR>
Lowell is waiting in line getting ready to battle.
"Damn line...Just to get omni-slash and W-summon", Said Lowell waiting impatiently.<BR><BR>
I wonder wha the other guys are doing.
<BR><BR>As he said zat... Sultan, Adam, and What were at the Chocobo racing and Adam and What decided to participate in the racing (What decided to just run against the chocobos), Aries1 was off at the Speed Square watching the roller coasters, Psycho was also waiting in line with lowell testing his fighting skills against the monsters of the FF VII world, and..Aeris and Yuffie just wandered around together...

Posted on Aug 14 1998, 11:22 AM

Something to SPICE up this story...
by Sultan

Parin giggled as he slowly approached Dude's house. The last time he saw the ST members, they
were walking into this silly technician's house. Since he had 24-hour video coverage of this place,
he knew that they hadn't come out yet. That meant they were still inside! He giggled again as he
thought about his wicked plan. They were going to pay for that Clone incident, yes sir! He fondled
the bottle filled with Nair carefully in his hands. Yep, were they going to have a hard time going out in public with NO HAIR!! HAHAHAHAHA!! He slowly approached the front door and paused. How
was he going to accomplish this? He thought that he'd just ring the doorbell, and wait till they'd
come out. Yes, that would work! He extended his skinny, disgusting finger and pushed the pretty
button next to the door. Nothing. He did it again. Nothing still. What was happening? Where were
they? It was at about that time that he discovered the post-it note attached to the keyhole.
"Dude-dd-dude dude d-DUDE. Duuude dudedude dud-dude" it read. Parin frowned and took out his
Dude to english dictionary. He smiled as he translated the message.
"The Strange Society and some other people are completely helpless as they try and save their
friend. But don't get any funny ideas! I'm watching over them!
P.S. - I'm sleeping."
Parin smiled. A horrible, wicked smile.

Sultan sat in the audience as the Chocobo race went on. He shook his head as he saw What and
Adam running along side the yellow, ridiculous-looking birds. He had beaten up some guy for his
laptop, and now just sat lazily in a chair, looking up Sailor Moon sites.
"Ohh, you can order Sailor Moon T-shirts here!" he exclaimed. Then, realizing he didn't know much
about this game, decided to visit an FF7 page, instead.

"Are you tired?" Adam asked What hopefully.
"Nope!" a determined What responded, catching up to the Chocobos.
"I am!" Adam reluctantly admitted. "I think I'm going to throw up."
"You're just a sissy, that's all!"
Just as Adam reached for What's neck, they heard a scream, and someone shouting, "BARRET
They both covered their ears as Sultan began to shoot repeatedly into the audience. As two guards
ran up to the boy, What and Adam smiled.
"Finally! A chance to gain experience!!"
They jumped to Sultan's defense.

Parin looked around Dude's room. It was literally buried with odd devices and contraptions. He
stepped over something that looked like a metallic baseball cap, and saw Dude snoring in his chair.
He saw the T.V. on, but it seemed to be running a Playstation game, clearly evident by the game
system sitting next to it. Yet it seemed to be playing by itself, even though no one was around.
There weren't even any controllers attatched to it. Instead, where the controller was supposed to be
plugged in, an odd cable was attached. He followed the cable accross the floor until he came to a
huge...something. It reminded Parin of that gate-thing from "Star Gate". Suddenly, he realized what this device did. He glanced back at the T.V. and watched more carefully. He saw some guy he
didn't know, shooting a machine gun, along with Adam and What. This was wonderful! No, no..it
was better than wonderful! It was SPECTACULAR! All the ST members inside a Playstation where
they were at his MERCY!! He fondled the power switch delicately. No, that was too easy. There
would be no challenge. He turned back to the "gate" which he discovered. Then, with a deep breath, Parin stepped inside.

TO BE CONTINUED..............

Posted on Aug 14 1998, 04:51 PM

Um, I was going to involve Parin into this, but...
by What DeHelizat

... how would he find JAZMINE'S HOUSE?

Sorry, but I do have to point this out.

Posted on Aug 14 1998, 08:20 PM

How true.
by Dangerously Psycho

Please pay attention, Sultan! None of the story took place at Dude's house. Furthermore, we were zapped in with a ray, not individually sent in via headgear. Remember Dark Skye rushing in??? Please adhere to the preestablished storyline!

P.S. Parin's too dense to have Dude's house under surveillance.

Posted on Aug 15 1998, 08:37 PM