Before I even begin...
by Lowell

*not part of story*

Sultan zat IS pretty spiced up. Gosh. Anyway.

*part of story* the Golden Saucer..
After battling the two guards in the chocobo racing...and after Sultan calmed down... they picked up Aries1 from the Roller Coaster and Aerith and Yuffie from who knows where...and headed over to the Battle Arena to see how Psycho and Lowell did.

They found zat Lowell Had earned the omni-slash and Cid earned the w-summon and the champion belt. When they were finished at the Battle arena they met the others and got into the buggy and continued on with their quest. They moved on to Gongaga. Since the Turks are still searching for Sephiroth..the Light Warriors didn't meet Rude or Reno. But they DID find the Titan Materia at the blown-up Mako Reactor. They visited the town and bought supplies for the oncoming journey. Then they all got together and had a meeting.

Lowell: Well Everyone... You know where our next destination is Cosmo Canyon becuz we all know zat to get to Nibelhiem we have to go pass Cosmo Canyon and we ALL know zat the stupid buggy breaks down when we get near the town so we have to make the best of it there. I hope your're all properly equipped for the battles up ahead. Oh cool..I also remembered one other things guys...WE GET TO SEE THE COOL SOLAR SYSTEM THINGY ZAT BUGEN HAGEN...or whatever...BuilT!!!
Well lets mosey people

Meanwhile..Parin found himself in the World of FFVII...He was amazed to where he was...He walked to a nearby house...

At the same time...Dark Skye Aproached the same house.

To be continued...Same Strange Time..Same Strange Forum.

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Parin's Situation
by What DeHelizat

At Utai, both Parin and Dark Skye approached the door simultaneously.

"Who the heck are you?" questioned Parin.
"Why should I tell you... now go away you vile insect," Dark Skye commanded. "If you don't mind, I will go in first."
"Oh no you don't. Something must be important in there.... and... and... it shall be mine!"
"Shut up and butt out."

Parin started whacking at him like a girl and slapped him silly across the face.
"Ouch you buffoon," Dark Skye reacted and pulled out a pretty big sword. "Are you going to continue bothering me or do I have to use this upon your small, withered body."
"OK... OK.... you win," replied a scared Parin. "Um, you go first."

"With a guy like this, I would not lose," thought Parin to himself. "I'll just have to follow him around until I am strong enough to take on the ST. HAHAHAHAHA!"
Dark Skye opened the door a little and took a small peep inside. He saw a room full of cats and freaked out a little. It seems that he has "cat"aphobia.
"Um... you can go first," insisted Dark Skye.
"HAHA, I am more intimidating than I thought," grinned Parin. He opened the door and simply charged right in.
"What a moron.... and he smells too. Whew!" thought Dark Skye, and he suddenly closes the door behind him.
"What the?!?!" Parin exclaimed. "What are you doing?"

The cats inside disliked his presence as his body was emitting some very disgusting odor. (Guess he forgot to take a bath once he managed to untie himself)

"AHHHHHHHHH!! LET ME OUT!!" screamed Parin.

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by Dangerously Psycho and Lowell

"MOSEY???" shouts Psycho. "Will you say it right?" Give it some gusto, something macho! Oh, forget it." The group had redeemed the GP they'd acquired by throwing the bratty kid off the snowboard game and into the virtual hoop of the basketball game for a gold ticket, so they could all go back later should they need to. Pairing Titan with Psycho's W-summon, the group set out for Cosmo Canyon.

Sephiroth/Dark Skye walked away from the cat room. When he'd sensed another foreign evil force in Utai, he'd investigated immediately. He was NOT expecting the lord of all dweebs. "Now I'm off schedule. Those guys must be out of the Suacer by now, and I need the Keystone they took! And now the blasted Shin Ra people are going to be moving west again. Hmm... maybe they'll meet my adversaries first?" Dark Skye laughed under his breath.

Sure enough, the stupid buggy breaks down in front of the Canyon, and the group files out to visit. The guy doesn't want to let them in, but What bites him and he runs away. They go upstairs and talk to Bugenhagen.
"Hey," he greets.
They all stand silent. "Um..." begins Adam.
"Oh, sorry. It's me, GOD."
"Oh, no wonder you're not in character," realized Adam.
"So, uh..." speaks GOD, "can you tell me how I float like this?"
"No." replies Adam.
"Oh. OK. You wanna go see the cool machine thing?"
They all go through the door and watch planets swirl around.

The Turks, now moving west after Sephiroth, find the guy fixing the buggy in front of the Canyon. "Persuading" him, they are allowed to "fix" it themselves.

"No! Get down from there!" shouts GOD. Sultan climbs up onto Jupiter to see how it stays up there, and the planet crashes and shatters to the floor. The planetary system now off balance, all the planets collide into a megaplanet. Then they get sucked into the black hole and the sun dies out.
"Now I have to fix this. Thanks a lot," sulks GOD.
Suddenly the guy who was fixing the buggy enters. "Um... it's done..." he nervously states.
"Already?" questions Lowell. "Well, OK." They all leave GOD alone with his broken toy.

They all take their seats in the buggy. Just as Lowell turns the key, Sultan says "Hey, who's the bald guy in the shades and business suit hiding behind the..."

A massive explosion sends our heroes flying, scattered individually all across the world map.

(Each character, take your own person's part of the story as a reply to this message. No one is at Nibelheim yet, but I'll pick you all up with the Tiny Bronco later as it won't be shot down. Good luck!)

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Oh yeah, the story???
by Jazmine

Comming out of the shower, Jazmine picked up the lemony fresh towel she'd had previously laid out for herself. Wiping off her face she entered her living room and sat on the couch. Not feeling the need to get dressed quickly, as the house was deserted today, she picked up her television remote control and procedded to watch tv in her towel. She flipped quickly through the channels, finally stopping at channel5. "Oh wonderful," she muttered. "The same ten minutes of Contact I flipped to yesterday. HBO is SO boring." Wondering why all the channels were sort of fuzzy, she got up from the couch to inspect the antenna. As usual, the antenna connection to the television had been forgone in lieu of the cord to her Sony Playstation. "They left it on, again, didn't they? Idiots." She reached down to press the POWER button . . . only to find that it wouldn't shut off. Confused, she slammed on the OPEN button, only to find that it too, would not respond. "Funny," she thought, this thing doesn't even close normally and now the **** thing won't even open.

Jazmine reached down to change the channel again and as the tv flipped the staions, the phone rang.

Popular today, she thought. "Hello?" she picked up the phone.

Pause. "Hello . . . Jazmine?"
"Yeah," she responded cautiously.
"Jazmine, this is G.O.D.'s mother."
"Yeah, hi," she said slowly.
"Do you know where he is?"
Jazmine hesitated. The last time she had heard anything from G.O.D. was yesterday, when he said he was going biking with Lowell. She told his mother as such, adding that G.O.D. never tells her where he is anyway.

"Okay, well thanks, Jazmine. If you see him, tell him he's in BIG trouble and that he'd better come home VERY soon."

Yeah, I'll tell him. Bye"


Jazmine hung up the phone and shook her head. Jsut like G.O.D. to not tell anyone what was going on. Still, she pondered, it wasn't like him to be gone a whole day. She wondered just exactly where he was and what he could possibly be doing at this point. But if he's with Lowell, they'll probably stop by here any. Jamine smiled fondly as she recalled the Strange Society's habit of dropping by unannounced. "I shouldn't worry," she said aloud, "he's probably with the rest of them, screwing around." She walked back to the couch and picked up the remote control only to drop it a second later. "Oh my god!" She stared, wide eyed at her television, at the most astonishion scene. The TV had flipped to the next availible channel, in this case it had been, channel four. The PlayStation was still on with what Jazmine could only assume was her Final Fantasy VII disk still spinning. What was on the TV however, was the astonishing part. Squinting at the animation, she made out the figure of the character of Red XVII, with a horrorfyingly familier voice. As she turned up the volume she heard one voice chant over and over, "CAT! CAT!! CAT!! CAT!!"

"What the . . . "

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Continuing the Story...
by 888

*feel free to continue from this point* The rain poured down hard on Midgar. A tired Reve/Adam was standing in the window of the Shinra corperation building. It had been a confusing game so far and NO FAQ would get him through this one. Reve/Adam thought that this team needed more help and normal Cat Sith would not get them be adequate. What this team needed was edge. He had made some phone calls to Shinra Robotics in the past few days. It was almost time for him to unveil his secret project.

Posted on Aug 31 1998, 08:48 PM

by 888

*Here's my next addition to the story* Adam/Reeve had just recieved a phone call from Shinra Robotics. Since this department was a branch of weapons development it was important that sacarlet did not find out. Oh shure she was just a bunch of polygons, but he didn't want to take any chances. "It's time to put this new creation to work." thought Adam/Reeve. Adam/Reeve turned on his new control system and activated the new creation."okay it's time for you to get out there and do some damage... CAT SITH Mark 3." The new creation walked out the door. "Now lets see what we can find in Midgar." thought Adam/Reeve. Note: Cat Sith Mark 3 Or Cat Sith Number 3 is Reeves new robot. This particular Model can do everything that Cat Sith can do except it was designed for heavy combat. It looks like a cross between Cat Sith,Robo, Giant Robo,and Umaro.This robot includes a more powerful weapons system,better stats, and a full selection of limit breaks.The limit breaks are as follows: L 1: Dice- Same as before Slot- Same as before L 2: Machiene Beat- Cat Sith does a powerful artillary attack which strikes a group of enemies for descent damage: similar to Grenade Bomb. Fortune Teller- Cures status ailments to the party and Causes random status ailments to enemies.Works on some bosses. L 3: Geo Mog: Does random elemental damage to all enemies. Type of damage determined by ground. If there is no ground it will be determind at random. Choco Meteor.- Chocobo attack to all enemies. L 4: Zodiac- Final 12 hit attack. These limit breaks and Charecter design are still subject to change. Some of these names and attacks were taked from other sources, but they were all Square sources.

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Cid's Portion of the Story
by Dangerously Psycho

After the destruction of the buggy, the various characters are strewn about all across the FFVII landscape. Fortunately, as the skilled polygonal video game characters they are, no one is seriously hurt.

Cid Psycho lands just beyond Mount Nibel, at the direct opposite side of the mountain from where they were headed to rescue Skye. "Dammit! I aint crossin' dat mountain by myself!" Recollecting on the layout of the world, he realizes he is a short walk away from his character's home village, the Rocket Town. Beating up on some wolves on the way, Psycho runs the entire distance.

"Oh, good! You're home!" greets Shera.
"No time to talk!" he replies, grabbing a sandwich.
"But President Rufus is coming! He'll be here today!"
"I know," shouts Psycho, running out through the back door. "He wants to steal the Tiny Bronco. Great talking to you! Bye!"
"But..." Shera listens as he starts up the small plane and takes off with it. "...I made tea..." She shrugs and drinks it herself.

"OK," thinks Psycho to himself. "If we're gonna get anything done, I gotta find everybody and bring 'em all to Nibelheim. But where do I start? How the Hell am I going to figure out where everybody landed after the..."
His thoughts are interrupted by a large, smokey explosion across the water at Utai.
"Never mind," he sighs, steering the plane to the west.

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