Chapter III

     The others eagerly watched as the bane returned to the eastern cliff from the mountain's peak. "Tell us, what has been learned?" requested one of the group.
     "Much is still shrouded in darkness to them," spoke the messenger, "but more is learned with each encounter. Gawron has been slain battling the transgressor, but not by his hand -- by an accomplice's. The transgressor indeed has powerful allies with him. We are facing something of a dark messiah, one sent from outside to harm our existences with the aid of a group."
     "Sent by whom? Do the Revered Ones know?" questioned another follower of the Prophets of Mount Eldred. "Could the gods have found a way to annihilate us once and for all? Have they sent in a new being with the power to uncreate each bane? If we could only escape this miserable..."
     "It is far too soon to draw such fantastic conclusions," reprimanded the messenger. "With each encounter, the Prophets learn more of the nature of this individual from beyond, but even more questions are raised each time as well. Why such a being could appear to be so strong in one encounter and then so weak that he needs the assistance of another in the next is baffling. Also, while Aaron was indeed destroyed such that his being can not be felt anywhere, Gawron's remains intact and has begun regeneration. There are many discrepancies."
     "Perhaps the transgressor only has his power periodically?" hypothesized one of the group. "We should send someone not to destroy him, but to study him and observe his strengths."
     "There is no time for prolonged study!" spoke the one whom had spoken of the gods. He stood up from where he sat and argued, "We must destroy this creature before he can assume any more power or harm any other bane! This must end now!"
     "Sit down," commanded the messenger. "Your place is here, to guard the Prophets. If the transgressor does plan to destroy all life of the World of Affliction, he will attempt this mountain before he can consider himself to have succeeded. We must ensure that no harm befalls our guides, and only when the mountain is confronted by he and whatever help he has with him can we battle him as a team. What the others allow the Prophets to learn of him will aid us and give us a better chance in destroying him first. But we must be patient and await this moment, not precipitate it. Allow the words of the Prophets to strengthen you, and act not on anger alone."
     The follower sat down as the messenger spoke and began to contemplate his words.
     They would faithfully wait for the transgressor to approach Mount Eldred and be prepared for him with the knowledge the Prophets receive with each encounter. As they saw it, the only way to avert the `rise of a single being to a destructive power' was to destroy this transgressor before his rise could be completed. And so they awaited him with as much patience as each could endure.

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