Chapter II

     The glider took a surprisingly short amount of time to repair. Lord Psycho insisted that the dwellers of the forest try to keep it as close to its original design as their resources would allow them, so as not to compromise the functionality of the craft. This they did exceedingly well. Tim thought he may have even noted a look of dissatisfaction in the eyes of his group's leader to the fact that there was little to complain to them about. Of course, this was just as well. Psycho wanted to leave the forest immediately, perhaps even more so than Tim did, and Tim was the individual whose quest was the purpose of the journey itself.
     Tim, a name the boy had given to himself. He was once a god, but now a nearly helpless mortal, cast into a world of random, powerful, spiteful creations. Yet these allies he had made were somewhat different from the rest. Lord Dangerously Psycho, a ruler of a region of this world, marked by his own disarray of mind but firm in his beliefs of order. The Drum Boy, a destructive being who would otherwise spend his time demolishing establishments, but also quite capable in the construction of much the same. Annoying, one who uses an adverse charisma, but appears to be quite honorable in battle. And now, Sicko, who seeks only his own fulfillment and satisfaction, although upon reaching a peak, instead tried to help others achieve their own pleasures instead. They were all Tim's companions, each aiding the boy for a reason of his own, to help the traveler discover his place in this new world.
     "The floor's all patched," declared Sicko. "Would you care to test the technical portions of the apparatus yourself?"
     "Yes, I would," spoke Psycho without inflection. He boarded the craft, stepping down hard upon it as he did so, and inserted the operatory cranks where they belonged. Turning the fans and observing that they could still be positioned correctly, he began to charge one of the craft's batteries. Drum Boy began to step onto the deck to help him, but Psycho waved him away without a solitary word. He went to the next crank and charged that battery as well. Finished, he stepped up to the panel, replied, "Stand back," and immediately discharged the craft, sending it upward into the sky.
     Tim and the others guarded their faces against the sudden upshot of forest debris. When they looked again, the craft could not be seen. Psycho, testing to see if it would still maneuver the same, was directing the glider violently toward the recently deforrested hill in the distance. The craft shook as he did this, but remained intact.
     "You think he's in a bad mood?" asked Drum Boy rhetorically.
     "He should have at least considered some of the therapeutic ways of my tribe," spoke Sicko. The group began to walk toward the hill as the tribe members wished them farewell.
     "Yeah, he's pretty firm some times," explained Tim. "Has his own training regimen to worry about and won't take the advice of others."
     "He's a bit out of his element in this forest," continued Drum Boy. "Probably wishes there was another battle, one he could take part in, rather than just sit around your forest spa."
     "Well, we won't be here much longer," concluded Sicko. "You said we are heading for the City? It's a pretty rough place. Do you all know what you're in for?"
     "Yeah, I've been there," spoke Annoying. "Some really bitter residents there. Wouldn't buy any of my stuff. I had to hurt them instead."
     "I've been there as well," added Drum Boy. "I can tell you from the viewpoint of someone who's tried, getting to that screen will not be an easy task. They revere the thing, and being able to observe it is a big game of king of the hill to the most powerful dwellers. We'd have to get past the strongest one there in order to get to it, and even if we do, we'd be accosted by the others immediately. They're all a tough bunch, too. Anyone not fitting the bill has long ago been driven out by those who do."
     "But we have the flyingamajig!" interrupted Annoying. "We can just swoop on in!"
     "You saw what the beast did to it right here," argued Sicko. "The craft can't take direct combat, and we won't be able to repair the thing so easily if it happens again." The four reached the hill as this was said.
     "Well? How is it?" asked Tim.
     "Hmmph..." replied Psycho, working the gears again. "We should probably take it back to the Builders, just to be on the safe..."
     "We're going to the City now, Psycho." declared Drum Boy. "The craft is fine, enough time has been wasted. It's the way you want it too. Now let's just get out of this forest."
     Lord Psycho was able to suppress his rage simply for the sake of leaving the Forest Euphoria, but he made a mental note to get some things `straightened out' between him and Drum Boy later on. The five, now aboard the glider, took to the sky. After a long ascension, Psycho directed the craft and continued in the direction of the City.

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