Chapter I

     When brought before the Assembly of Seven, the behavior of the Recent had been judged to be punishable by imprisonment as a mortal within the World of Affliction. When this sentence had been heard, many of the attending gods and goddesses looked about in disbelief, while some were confused, not immediately recognizing the true name of the Bane Prison. An unsettling number appeared to be apathetic or merely amused by the declaration of his horrible fate. But the Recent himself, he bore a look of terror and abandonment I will never forget. I doubt he was even aware that his powers as a second-generation deity were revokable. Oh, but the fear in his eyes as the room filled with low murmurs. He began to shake his head and then glanced about the room, looking for any sign of support. I wish I could have attracted his attention to give him mine, but I was not supposed to be there in the first place, let alone have the room's attention fall upon me.
     Even in the hour which passed between then and the enactment of the sentence, I expected them to declare that it had been a great fear tactic to dissuade him from another such action, but it was not to be that way. He was to be their example for the rest. Perhaps that is why I became so afraid when I witnessed him, stripped of immortal power, being shoved through the doorway swiftly and harshly. It was a warning for the rest of us, that we would do best to avoid sharing his fate.
     Now you must understand why I have spent the past few weeks rallying support among the gods. What was done to him should not have been. If we allow the Assembly of Seven to wield the power to imprison an individual god beyond our realm of Heaven, we give them the power to command us all entirely. While we cannot directly oppose them, and I stress that we must avoid doing so, we can take back this power of theirs by demanding that he is to be set free. If we do not, every one of us is in danger of imprisonment somewhere along the time line of eternity. It is imperative that we act now, join together and demand that his sentence be reduced. We must establish for ourselves our own jurisdiction over the Assembly.
     I understand that I am putting myself at great risk by drawing you together like this, but it must be done. Even if they were to put me on trial and do the same to me, I am willing to speak to you like this, for if I am made a martyr for my preaching, twice as many gods will see the situation in which we have now found ourselves. If this must end in an insurrection, then it simply must. But let's not look so far into a pessimistic future. We must go before the Assembly and voice our request of a reduced sentence. Are you all not in agreement with me? Oh, and for those who are uncertain of whom this goddess is, the one whom is so concerned with our future as individuals, I apologize for not making my introduction sooner. I am the other Recent, his companion, now alone among you.

[Chapter II]
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