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It began as a series of short stories about a destructive group of high school teenagers, but quickly became much more. The tales of the Strange Society exist in a world created by incompetent gods, where the head of high school security has a conformity-inflicting device, and where the apocalypse lies in the hands of five uncontrollable humans containing the spirits of much greater powers.

The Strange stories are comedy, deriving humor from such events as wanton destruction, physical harm, and physical impossibilities. Yet, amidst all the nonsense, the stories also say a few things concerning today's society and the people who constitute it.

The Stories

The Strange Table and Groundhog Day
The Strange Table goes to the Supermarket
The Strange Table goes to Great America

The Strange Table Meets its Doom, Part I
The Strange Table Meets its Doom, Part II
The Strange Table Meets its Doom, Part III

The Strange Society goes to the Hospital
The Strange Society vs. the Sailor Scouts
The Strange Society goes to the Beach
The Strange Society Sits Around and Reminisces about the Birth of Each Member

The Bane World Saga, book I
(Ten chapters and prologue)

Close Encounter of the Strange Kind
The Strange Society and the Clown
The Strange Society goes to the Mall

The Bane World Saga, book II
(Ten chapters)

The Strange Society Goes for Psychoanalysis

The Bane World Saga, book III
(Ten chapters)

The following page is from the Mental Ward. I wrote portions of these stories under the name of Patient 91i.
The Mental Ward Library

This is just one part of Strangesite

ST Reference

There's a lot more to the Strange Society than just the stories. Check out this stuff, too:

The Dude Translation Guide was originally released with "Hospital."

The ST FAQ's. There's a lot to the stories some people probably just don't get. Includes the origin of the series.

A complete multimedia section with all the ST music and games I've made.

The Strange Society Complete Waste of Time was produced after "Doom part II" and may be downloaded zipped as You may view it here in HTML.

Don't forget to visit the Strange Society's guestbook and forum.

Additions to this page I once expected to make include:

An online interactive story. I had a notebook of idea for this, but it's virtually disappeared from my priority list.

A page describing some of the activities the ST participates in for fun, including games of Ultimate Frisbee, the annual Strange Days celebration, and standard procedure for band trips.

ST online Mad-Libs. This was updated from planning stage to working stage, although it too is low on the list right now

A prerelease of ST Doom][. I do have the weapons practically done, but ran into some difficulties, and now that I don7t figure anyone still plays Doom, I should probably remove this teaser.

Madhu's Online. I don't even remember what i was plotting for this one.

The ST has had visitors

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