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By Dangerously Psycho

If you found this page, you must be pretty desperate for another ST story. I never completed Society6 for reasons including the fact that it wasn't getting anywhere. The story featured the ST plus Dude, Arrogant and Cello Girl playing baseball against some unnamed team. It was awful, and the narration from the POV of an announcer wasn't working out.

So I ditched the story and used the intro stuff in the next story. I still have it somewhere, however, but you should never expect to see it here.

Because you took the trouble to find out why there wasn't a Society6, I'll instead let you read this previously unreleased Mental Ward story of a conflict between Dangerously Psycho and the Lord of Lemurs, Bondage. Please note that some content is overly disgusting and unnecessary, but such is typical of a Mental Ward story.

Suddenly, Psycho was confronted by Bondage, who queered the physical properties of the Mental Ward stories with him. Bondage opened his coat and menacingly thrust at Psycho his large, throbbing... lemur.

"Penis!" gasped Psycho.

"Psycho!" penised the lemur.

"So I see you two know eachother," squirted Bondage.

"Yes!!" whispered Psycho, who initiated a flashback sequence. While the image became distorted, he swung his axe at the lemur, severing it fatally in the testicle. As the lemur "MMMed" its last squeal, Psycho pulled out its spleen. Then another. And another. Psycho continued to remove spleens from the lemur until its ear lobe had an erection.

"So I see you two know eachother," squirted Bondage.

Psycho suddenly realized the seriousness of the situation, and, hesitating for only 47 seconds, darted behind a nearby pinky marmoset in a molecule costume. From there, opened the security panel on the back of the marmoset and initiated the correct sequence to deploy plasma missiles at Nigeria.

"So I see you two know eachother," squirted Bondage, but it was too late. The Janeway action figure had already melted into a viscuous puddle of balsa wood. His plan had failed. Stealthily, Bondage squirted himself into a nearby low-flying danish and escaped to the Bane World.

Now please get back to the real stories.
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