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Here at Strangesite, we love our Anime. However, it's sometimes a problem to find everything in a particular series such as Ranma 1/2.

Now, Strangesite offers hundreds of anime titles for sale or rental over the Web, thanks to Any transactions made here grant a commission toward the Strangesite development fund, so don't hesitate. Browse these titles and more and see what you've been missing.

Titles include:
Crying Freeman
Demon City Shinjuku
Dirty Pair
Dragon Ball
Fatal Fury
Final Fantasy
Golgo 13
Lupin the Third
Neon Genesis Evangelion
Project A-ko
Ranma 1/2
Sailor Moon
Speed Racer
Street Fighter II
Tenchi Muyo
Vampire Hunter D
Wicked City

This is hardly a complete list! Check out the site for yourself at, or try the search bar below.

They also offer tons of Movies under $5!


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