Miscellaneous Pages

Many of the pages among Strangesite really don't have a listing.
Some are accessible through other pages such as the 4um and FAQ's.
Others are there to appear in searches with commercial engines.
One page is purposely not listed anywhere, here included.

This is a list of those pages with brief explanations so you
can finally see everything I've placed here at Strangesite.

Find at: FAQ's
My brainstorming text file for the name of (Pat) the clown
from when I wrote The Strange Society Goes to the Beach.

ST Genesis
Find at: FAQ's
An explanation of how the ST began at NiWeHi

Pikachu Ate My Balls
Find at: Ate My Balls Webring, Yahoo
My first attempt at an Ate My Balls page. Advertises Strangesite.

St Galaga
Find at: ST 4um
I've appealed for suggestions for what to do with the
enemies in this NES hack. No one's helpfully replied so far.

St Log
Find at: ST Main
Back when I used to have the time, I would write a paragraph
or two in this file on a daily basis along with the Daily
ST News. It's basically a STrange story in journal form.

A Theory of Bizarre Origin
Find at: Search Engines
It's an intriguing read and has an ST Now! button at the bottom.

This Page Has Moved
Find at: Search Engines
It's pointless and has an ST Now! button at the bottom.

Find at: 4um
The compilation of an ongoing story in the ST 4um. The ST
and Mental Ward have been transported into the world of Final
Fantasy VII in order to rescue Skye who's been trapped within.
Chaos ensues. The story is currently still continuing in the 4um.

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