We all love a game or two, and Strangesite has...
well, at least a handful.

The Strange Society Complete Waste of Time is an online fun-page.
It features a real word search.

Note: Do NOT write on your screen.
Print out the word search and then do it.
Also, don't sit on pies.

You like fortune cookies? You like the Strange Stories?
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Downloadable, Executable, Irresistible GAMES!

(12.8K) Temple of Strangeness, A Doom][-based "walkthrough" by D.Psycho. This isn't a playable level, but it is meant to give the user the opportunity to see how I envision the Temple.
(32.0K) ST Free, A modification of the Windows game "Ski Free" taking place on DeHelizat slopes.
(129.8K) ST Chess, A modification of a Windows chess game featuring the ST versus Parin's clones.
(3.0K) St talk files for Scorched Earth, one of the best shareware games ever.
(72.5K) ST Cookie, A modification of the game Yoshi's Cookie for the NES. To be used with Nesticle.
(17.7K) ST Galaga, A modification of the game Galaga for the NES. Also to be used with Nesticle.

SOON TO BE ADDED: Real ST pranks and pastimes

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