The Strange Society Freaky Wrong Link of the Month

There are sites which are weird. (Trying to promote one's self as being out of the ordinary)
There are sites which are strange. (Out of the ordinary without trying to be)
And then there are sites which are JUST PLAIN WRONG AND FREAKY.

February's winner is the clown's poems.

Freaky Wrong!
We have already established the fact that clowns are frightening, and I believe the above image helps to display this. Poetry, on the other hand, is nice. This site is some kind of antipode. What the hell do clowns and poetry have in common???

If this site is to be believed, "Poetry is the life of a clown." If you were to ask me, drunken stupors and crushed dreams tend to go more along the lines of a clown's life.

Why this page exists is a mystery to me. It takes conflicting stands, beginning with the presentation-of-mystery type thing and ending with an appeal for response as to whether or not we'd like to see more of the stuff translated. Translated poetry usually turns out badly, but this stuff was crap to begin with.

Certain other assertions on this page make no sense. The poem is too new to comment on? What, you only read it ten times and need to get another fifty readings under your belt? Those which do have commentary are more straightforward than the commentary is. Why complicate things? Why are your own words italicized??? Sheesh...

I don't know about other settings, but on mine the text is too close together between the tables, and while the color scheme isn't too bad, the links blend horribly. If you want to further the horror of this link, follow some of the others, such as the clown's thoughts. They too are just as freaky and wrong as February's Strange Society Freaky Wrong Link of the Month

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