The Strange Society Freaky Wrong Link of the Month

There are sites which are weird. (Trying to promote one's self as being out of the ordinary)
There are sites which are strange. (Out of the ordinary without trying to be)
And then there are sites which are JUST PLAIN WRONG AND FREAKY.

July's winner is the Sephiroth is big-eyed and big-hearted page.

Freaky Wrong!
It's not really the name of the page, but this collection of fan art contains the work of a bunch of young girls who have a thing for the guy who, in Final Fantasy VII, is the epiphany of evil. They don't seem to believe this, each one having some kind of crush on the guy.

The page contains works titled "Sephiroth loves his teddy bear," "Sephiroth takes a break from being evil and takes up playing the clarinet," "Sephiroth eats some noodles," (they get worse now) "Sephiroth sits, full of love," "Sephiroth is all tied up by a little elfin creature," "Sephiroth blushes," "Sephiroth is perplexed: why won't the artist let go of his arm?" "Sephiroth is the jive master," (and now we get symPathetic) "Sephiroth is just a confused experiment" and "Sephiroth drifts in the lifestream's isolation like a neglected infant, reflecting on a life gone wrong."

Even though some of the fan art is pretty good and true to Sephiroth's character, some of these girls just don't get it, which is why this is June's Strange Society Freaky Wrong Link of the Month

August 98
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