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This Personal CD Store was made by Tripod member DPsycho.

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World/New Age

Gotta love anime CDs, but they're tough to find in stores. However, the Web offers everything, and at discounted prices and a commission into the Strangesite development fund, CDnow offers choice titles for great prices.

Sailor Moon
If we put it up to a vote, Sailor Moon would certainly beat out all other anime as Strangesite's favorite. You can order the original North American Soundtrack here at a nice discount.

Ranma 1/2
Ah, wonderful Ranma 1/2. Imported, naturally.

Yes, they even offer anime videos. All three parts of Zeiram the Animation are available.

Slayers has been getting quite a bit of notice lately. Order the videos or DVD for yourself here.

The Guyver
They appear to have every one of the videos of The Guyver, and all of them on sale. So much of him, but not a single Tenchi Muyo flick! Go figure.