ST Galaga

yes, another ST NES hack.

Wuddive got now can go as-is, but I figured I'd let it go to the people. Should I change the following ships to anything? I'd like suggestions. Remember, it should make sense in the end. (Having the ST symbol be attacked by protractors DOESN'T have any point to it.)
Red and Yellow bugs
These are the most common enemy of the game. They're in every stage.

Green/Blue Masters
Also in every stage, this ship has a tendency to kidnap your ST symbol. This is often beneficial as you can win it back and have two ST's onscreen at once, side by side.

This is the first of the rare enemies. It shows up after stage 5.

This one shows up a bit later.

These faster things replace the crayfish once you get to the crazy-fast levels.

The dragonfly appears in a Challenge stage.

I don't know wha' this is supposed to be, but it too shows up in a Challenge level.

Federation Starship
Yeah, whatever. This one took forever to get to. I didn't expect to find any new ships, and suddenly this blatent joke appeared onscreen. I think I'll just leave it as it is.