The following are a few words from respected members and friends of the Strange Society concerning the awaited release of Bane World Saga book I.

Skye Knight Valentine, CEO of Arcadia CorpŠ says:
"Hello Friends and Members of the Strange Society. I have been asked to say a few words about the opening release of the Bane World Saga I by my good friend, Dangerously Psycho. The Bane World Saga I is a terrific story which explains a lot of things about the Strange Society. It contains all the humor and fun from the previous stories and a serious tone for those who really get into it, like me for example. It also introduces the new members of the Society: Jester, Undecided, and Anonymous the Paranoiac. The story is told by following the path of one boy: G.O.D. well he wasn't called zat in the story yet... to be more precise he was called Tim. I can't wait to read Bane World Saga II and learn what the ending of BWS is. Psycho I wish you continuous success."

Amy Kimura says:
"In the BWS, each character draws the reader farther into the world of DPsycho. As the main character Tim stumbles farther into this world, the reader is kept guessing who or what will pop up next and if they will ever discover his secret. It starts with the cold, all-knowing deities, to frantic Anonymous the Paranoiac, to Jester and the Psycho Brothers. DPsycho's description of Undecided's mixed-up home gives the reader a description of the house that they never want to live in.
The BWS gives everyone a good idea of the real people whom these characters represent. And don't get worried if you become confused, for this is the way of the STrange!"

Anonymous The Paranoiac says:
"I'm mentioned in it. : ) HEY HOW DID YOU FIND ME... WHO SENT YOU!?!... GO AWAY!"

Peachy Lol says:
"It's better than Hentai." ^_^

ChoirBoy says:
[Couldn't Be Reached]

Pay Llewol says:

Dark_Skye says:
"No Comment."

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