Chapter III

     The followers of the prophets are a severely religious group of mindless disciples. They see those who can make predictions and sense occurrences from faraway parts of the World of Affliction as honorable beings, and revere them in place of the gods they despise.
     Such a following has existed for centuries, but it has not always been so. Those with prophetic abilities were originally not set apart from the rest. Like the entire population, the free will of these jovial creatures granted various properties, and foreknowledge was one of the less common. It wasn't until one individual received the premonition to climb to the summit of Mount Eldred that those with portentous abilities became an isolated society.
     This prophet discovered that the mountain top offered a place to meditate, and also that he was able to, through this meditation, find and summon others who had possessed similar endowments. When the time arrived that all in the land with oracular powers had congregated to the peak, the majority agreed to stay and meditate together as a collective, learning of the World of Affliction and swearing to do all which they could to aide it. A small few, however, only stayed as long to discover the truth that no natural exit to the microcosm existed, and then angrily left the group to seek other possible means of escape. The dark prophets thus separated themselves from the pack.
     By allowing their free will to flow freely, the ten remaining prophets have been able to sense nearly all which occurs within the Bane World. Their collaboration creates a field of free will greater than simply the sum of each prophet's amount, and so they spend nearly all of their hours in deep meditation. They only pause to report their findings to the group of followers which has developed after centuries of warnings offered, tragedies averted, and virtual safety granted.
     When the followers began to congregate to the mountain, there were those who would mean to threaten the prophets. The quest for escape from this plane had brought many there, but not one brute accomplished to climb halfway to the pinnacle without his intentions being discovered and his body being destroyed by an avalanche or great storm. For this reason, only those who sought enlightenment or safety without using force to gain it were permitted to the peak to hear the revelations of these exalted wizards.
     However, it would be foolish to assume that the followers of the prophets are weak and powerless. Many of the beings who hear the revelations have powers which are actually stronger than those of the creatures who had once meant to harm the seers. These faithful banes would never wish to use their powers to harm their revered oracles. Yet, they are always prepared to use their brunt at the call of these divine leaders. Such was the case now.
     The prophets feared their premonitions portending to a single being of the World of Affliction rising to great power, bringing destruction to the entire realm. Thus, they were prompted to request their followers to seek out the being whom had recently entered their world from the outside. Termination of this creature may not only avert the destruction they foresaw, but also provide new insight for the prospect of escape from the Bane World.
     The transgressor now had a price on his head.

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