In a world beyond ours exists a civilization of omnipotent beings. There exists a society of gods who watch over their creations carefully. There exists a class system among them, ranging from the lesser gods who are barely immortal to the supreme Assembly of Seven. There exists a code these beings must all adhere to, determined by the Assembly, and when this law is not obeyed, individuals are punished. But such is the way of all societies.
     Beyond this civilization exist the creations of these beings, whether they were created out of happiness and a wish to have beings to nurture as children, or out of anger and hatred and a desire to have lesser creatures to inflict pain and suffering upon. This has all been allowed and unhindered, although a god may not have always agreed with what his neighbor was doing. But such is the way of all societies.
     Not all creations by this existence of beings were short-lived, individual efforts. In times of boredom and curiosity, this society has convened to collaborate on larger tasks, some of which, at the time, they were not even certain they possessed the powers necessary to accomplish. One such experiment was the creation of new gods. Through the efforts of the gods, two new beings of pure enough mind and power to be considered gods themselves were born among their ranks. Naturally, they were not as powerful or knowledgeable as their evident "parents" and had to be taught about their existence in order to coexist in their realm. But such is the way of all societies.
     There exists within this world a doorway. Usually, no notice is taken of it, and it is rarely brought into conversation, for there is little to say of the place beyond this sealed gate. This is the passage to the Earth of Affliction, although it is not usually referred to by that name, but as the Bane World. Here is a microcosm created as a kennel, an imprisonment for the products of the earliest undertakings of the society of gods. When first attempts were made toward creating life to populate our human Earth, chances were taken and reckless errors were made. The original men to walk this planet possessed a severe imbalance between self control and free will, more precisely completely devoid of the first, and ran wildly, destroying everything as they went. Realizing their folly and wishing to do better, the gods took back these creatures and, rather than destroy them, a need the gods had not foreseen and were not certain how to accomplish, sealed these creatures away within this prison as if doing so would settle the problem. Ultimately, they were able to start anew, but the problem was never truly solved, only left to be dealt with later by others. But such is the way of all societies.
     Within this secure, but not forgotten world, chaos erupted. Angered, the creatures composed totally of free will attacked the area where the gate had been, but the gate was no longer there, for evidence of such a portal between worlds does not exist when it is closed. After centuries of disorder, things slowly came to settle. The world partitioned itself between the various personalities of the inhabitants, which is their distinction of ethnicity. But such is the way of all societies.
     As little as it is admitted, more than once has it been proven that the gods who created all that we experience and all that exists beyond our observances are imperfect. Not all of their creations turn out exactly as planned, and when one of the two child gods interfered with the progression of life on our Earth in such a way that it violated the laws set by the Assembly of Seven, the fact once again became evident that there are sometimes flaws in the godly creations. He was brought before the Assembly of Seven, an event feared by all the gods, to have his fate decided. Actions that do not conform with that decided by those in power do not go unpunished. But such is the way of all societies.
     His fate was determined. He was to be stripped of his immortal powers and then cast within the Bane World until the Assembly should decide to release him, which would probably be equivalent to the rest of his existence. In great fear, the individual, now the equal to a mere teenage human boy, received his sentence. The gate was accessed for a portion of a moment, enough time to shove one being through without worry that something else may emerge. Having done so, the seal was reestablished, and the gods went on with their business, for time passes and one must not dwell on events of the past if one hopes to progress. But such is the belief of all societies.

[Chapter I]
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